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Superstar DJ Tweets About Vaccine Dangers To Millions of ans


Scottish DJ Calvin Harris found himself feuding with two doctors over the toxicity of vaccines. In a series of now-deleted Twitter posts, the superstar DJ said shared information about health and vaccine safety with his millions of followers.

Harris put emphasis on several studies that highlight the dangers of immunization as well as other facts that Big Pharma has tried to conceal from the public. The two doctors were, unsurprisingly, quick to defend immunization.

Calvin Harris took to Twitter to criticize British Prime Minister Theresa May for walking out to his song This Is What You Came For at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, England. But in the end, he only ended up getting attention for feuding with a couple of doctors after he tweeted-then-deleted some health advice for “grey faced” Theresa May.

Dispensing holistic health advice on social media is a minefield, as many well-intentioned people can attest.

But the experience did not dissuade Calvin Harris, who has over 12 million Twitter followers, from continuing his crusade to educate the masses. 

On Thursday, Calvin argued with another doctor over the toxicity of vaccines, even providing receipts and government reports to prove his argument.

Image courtesy of: Indiana University Health

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