Subhumans in Spiritual Crisis


Has spirituality been stripped out of our society and been replaced by the state?

Should we trust the state or federal government in a time where there is a revolving door between state agencies that regulate the "private" massive corporations including the media?

Not only are the pharmaceutical, wireless, chemical and all other industries essentially regulating themselves (ie translation = NOT regulated at all) because their board of directors shift back and forth from corporations to FDA, FCC, EPA, etc. and now this has extended right into news reporting, social media and censorship.

Clearly we can't count on these elites to deliver the "real" science so we need to fight censorship at all costs before we end up in a complete totalitarian society.

We are currently in a reality where in some states in the United States (New York for example) where the unvaccinated are considered 2nd class citizens and being deprived of normal liberties which should never be granted by the state but are our God given rights. The state doesn't have this type of power (unless we allow them to overstep their jurisdictional boundaries as they have so much in recent years and decades)!

Here's the interview which inspired this short post - sponsored (not really!) by the Bardsfest coming shortly in Missouri I wish I could make it!

This video gets into the science of the technology behind the Genetic Code Injections and how they can integrate into our neurology with the known ingredients in these shots such as hydrogels and graphene oxides which are apparently capable of self assembly into what military research calls a "SPION" which stands for "Super Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles". Essentially these iron oxides are liberated from hemoglobin in human blood rendering the blood depleted in iron but also creating these "SPION" structures in the neurology which has capability of influencing neurology directly with electromagnetic frequency including from wireless technology.

Of course this sounds like science fiction but it's not. In the future I'll post more on this with sources but you should be able to find some information about this DARPA research. One source I'd recommend is a book called "Under An Ionized Sky" by Elana Freeland (sp?) but of course you can also follow Scott Kesterson for more references about this sort of technology.

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One comment on “Subhumans in Spiritual Crisis”

  1. the Aztecs gave drugs to the prisoners whose hearts they were going to pull out that had them so stoned they were not afraid...speaking of the melatonin they will manipulate to make the people happy in their misery. Yes free will is for us to live up to God's reality of Being Becoming in us with our degree of intelligence and compassion that comes from that Great Spirit who has made the atoms spin.

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