Still On The Fence About The Shot?


Questions have been pouring in mostly from friends that are NOT on the fence but their friends or loved ones are! And they just don't get it.

"What should I say to my son? He wants it!"

Seriously that's such a tough question because if you look at the big picture many individuals have been indoctrinated by false narratives in the media, in schools, at work, in healthcare, etc. for years or even decades. So how do you unwind all that with one reference? And seriously, each of those people would ideally need a different reference point depending on the exact programming that you may be trying to unwind.

But if you want to know the truth you are in the right place. If you like to learn from videos you'll see two here on this page.

The first video is from a very brave doctor who also happens to be an attorney and she is sharing very important details about these shots. I've setup this video below to start at the 15:00 time stamp to jump to the information specifically about the fear that is driving the shots as well as the experimental medication and the myths involved in the rollout and the enduring covid myths. If you want to watch the beginning just rewind it manually:

Please visit Dr Simone Gold's and sign the petition to prevent these shots from being mandated by corporate oppression or medical tyranny in dangerous illegal mandates.

And now that we are rolling into the next phase of the "shots" where not just healthcare workers, and in some states education professionals but now the elderly are being offered these shots that are in such "short supply".

Guess what is not surprising, even with this short supply all of the 2nd and 3rd hand contacts that I've heard about who want one of these shots have already been able to get it or will be getting it in the next day or two.

So much for the "short supply" myth.

Look the law of scarcity is very powerful. If they can program the public (you and people you care about) to believe they really need an experimental shot (that has only 8 weeks of human testing and zero animal testing studies - they typically get animal testing before the human trials) but that there are NOT enough of these shots to go around - it will literally send the public into desperation to want it more.

Clearly this is a lesson in showing how powerful the mainstream media can be in collaboration with pharma/government interests.

If the government didn't want to inject you with this shot they wouldn't have spent the billions they did on developing and producing it in a "too big to fail" effort which essentially made a mock out of the idea of a real placebo controlled clinical trial when they recently broke the placebo group and gave them the shot. Now they won't have any true picture of the safety results because no placebo group will remain in these trials.

While I'm not sure that everything explored in this second, recently published video is 100% true I believe that the investigative journalism on this one is deep and this is very much worth the watch in order to understand the deeper mission behind the push for these shots as well as the drive for "more testing" when in fact the test is at least as bogus as the HIV antibody test was.

(HIV was never the cause of AIDS and in fact AIDS was known by pharma to be drug induced from drugs designed to suppress the immune system. These effects could be turned off by stopping the drugs. If you aren't familiar do some research and you'll see what I mean and in the future we'll do some reporting on this subject).

Please share your thoughts in the comments below and if you found this post to be helpful go ahead and share it with your friends and family that likely need this information badly before they are harmed by one of these dangerous shots.

Photo By DES Daughter

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