Secret Code Behind Royal Rife’s Healing Frequency Method That Baffled Scientists for 73 Years – Solved!

It was covered with dust, sitting in the attic of a doctor who hadn't used it for years. From way back in 1938, this was one of the original Beam Ray Rife Machines, not one of the many 1950's so called "Rife Machines" but an original from the early days. Only 5 were thought to have been produced before a court battle in 1939 halted their production.

In a minute I'll explain how this relic from the 1930's helped advance this technology...

Let’s go back to the 1930s, Royal Raymond Rife's electrical engineer was a guy named Philip Hoyland. Rife hired Hoyland for his expertise in radio engineering.

You may not realize, but Rife was a genius optical engineer developing the most cutting edge optics in that era. This is why he hired Philip Hoyland to be his electrical engineer. So Rife was building the microscopes and Hoyland was building all the electronics in the 1930s.

There were a few issues with the machines back then, one of them was that most of the original frequencies crossed right over the AM broadcast band. This was at a time when AM Talk Radio was becoming very popular far before the television was invented!

The Era of Interference...

There were a lot of issues with interference and this was a real topic of discussion in that era because the interference issue was coming up with other electrotherapy devices, too.

This was so much of an issue that electrotherapy devices at one point were banned from use between the hours of 7:00 PM and 11:00 PM because that was primetime talk radio. AM talk radio was becoming real popular in that era and the FCC was getting more power and policing the airwaves.

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Rife knew this was an issue and since his original frequencies crossed right over the AM broadcast band, it was a significant factor for the development of the technology he was working on.

So Hoyland had that to deal with plus the fact that the original machines (such as the one shown on the left) had such large coils and were heavy floor standing lab units and he needed to get the machine into a smaller box that actually could be shipped.

Hoyland figured out that he could multiply the frequencies up to higher harmonics. Rife knew that lower frequencies didn't work the way that the higher frequencies worked. But as he multiplied the frequencies up to higher harmonics, they seemed to work just as well or even better…

The other hurdle that Hoyland had to jump through in order to bring Royal Rife’s technology to market related to the fact that

the transmitters he had been building for Rife used the same electronics as all the other radio transmitters in that era. It was identical technology that radio stations and HAM (Amateur) radio operators were using back then – the only difference was the type of frequencies they were using and the type of antenna!  [adrotate banner="42"]

So these were all just public domain machines because it was the same type of apparatus that any electronic or radio engineer would use for just about anything.

By the time Hoyland was developing the production model he had formed a partnership with Royal Rife which they called the Beam Rays Corporation. (Incidentally the modern company with a similar name has no connection to the historical company which dissolved suddenly in 1939 – see part two of this article.)

How Rife's Original Frequencies Were Split Into A Mathematical Encrypted Double Frequency!

In order to protect the interest of their new business partnership Philip Hoyland figured out a way to make the frequencies proprietary! He ingeniously encoded the working frequencies in a way that is interesting in it’s simplicity but back then, before the invention of the spectrum analyzer,

made it quite difficult for the operator of the machine to know what the actual frequencies that were running, they simply turn a few knobs.

So he multiplied these frequencies up to higher harmonics and used his method of hiding the actual working frequencies.

The way he did this is that Hoyland actually used two frequencies that were mathematically correlated with each other in order to trigger a specific hidden frequency. He hid the working frequency among many sideband frequencies (as shown on the spectrum analyzer image on the right) and this method was never revealed to Royal Rife.

While that might sound crazy – keep in mind that this production unit was only in production for a very short time before Hoyland was reputedly paid off by the network of Morris Fishbein’s cabal (he was head of the AMA in this era) to go against Rife which started a legal battle between Hoyland and Rife.

It becomes clear from the court transcripts of the legal battle that Rife didn't know that the machine that Hoyland had built for production worked on a "different principle" and it frustrated him! The method was lost to history for over 70 years until a mystery machine was found in an old doctors attic!

So what about all the modern machines you see out there? Are they legit?

Get the "Case Against Frequency Generators" Report and find out how they compare. It compares the operation principles of all the types of machines you'll see out there (yes, they coming in many different types) which most of the companies selling them don't typically reveal. It's all explained in a simple way so it's not likely to put you to sleep or leave you confused if you aren't an engineer.

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