The Radioactive Forest and Radioactive Wolves After Nuclear Meltdown [Documentary]


Radioactive Forest documents the effects on the forest in the evacuation zone in post Fukushima Japan. In this area wildlife has replaced the humans and they now live in and around the 40,000 + abandoned homes in these areas. 

Ongoing research begins to reveal the cellular damage to the animals. Monkeys are being observed having compromised bone marrow indicating potential for long term detrimental health effects which may not be seen clearly yet in the proliferating life of the post Fukushima forest. The former residential areas have been overtaken by such animals as Wild Boar who now live in abandoned homes throughout these areas. 

If I was working in these areas I'd sure be eating a lot of miso and good quality seaweed. These are some foods that can help minimize the damage from radiation and protect yourself.

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This somewhat similar documentary covers the same subject in post Chernobyl where packs of radioactive wolves have dominated the area.

Photo By bionerd23 ☢

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