Pleomorphism, Exosomes and the New (Old) Biology


If the topic pleomorphism is new to you but you have an open mind and you like to know the truth, you are going to love this...

The word pleomorphism is important here; pleo = more and morph = form. The concept here is that bacteria will essentially change form based on the environment that they are growing in. This is the basis of the concept of the bioterrain theory which mainstream scientists will brush off as "proven false" and use other rhetoric to dismiss it - but this concept is alive and well among those in the know.

In fact some of the most modern concepts in current biology are in fact creeping back to this old science. For example the concept of exosomes in itself harkens back to these original concepts of proposed by early scientists like Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908) a bitter French rival of Louis Pasteur.

One of the current doctors that sums up these concepts the best that I've heard is Andrew Kaufman MD who was finally interviewed by Del Bigtree about how these relate to Covid-19. I've been wishing that Del would widen his horizon to these concepts for awhile so this was great to see:

Another prominent doctor who has been sharing some very pertinent information that puts the standard narrative of Covid-19 Coronavirus in perspective is Dr Robert Young. He astutely points out that what is being called "Covid-19" is a toxicity effect on the blood which causes blood coagulation. He calls this a "Pathological Blood Coagulation" from toxicity and acidosis.

Sounds a lot like a bioterrain effect...

He calls this the "Corona Effect"

I find this especially interesting given the recent editorial from the Journal of biological regulator and homeostatic agents called "5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells" so there are various angles to look at in understanding what is going on with the microbiology of extreme toxicity.

Of course a lot of us in the Anti-5G activism groups have been talking about the old de-classified studies on the effects of millimeter waves on the skin and how skin tissue has helical structures that are energized inductively when exposed to millimeter waves. Keep in mind that most of those old studies on this subject didn't even account for the information pattern that is carried on the telecommunication signals and the way those lower frequencies (these are also very chaotic and noisy signals) are deposited into the tissue upon exposure.

More to come on these subjects in some longer posts, I promise 😉

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Dr Robert Young Corona Effect

Fioranelli M, Sepehri A, Roccia MG, et al. 5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells [published online ahead of print, 2020 Jul 16]. J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. 2020;34(4):10.23812/20-269-E-4. doi:10.23812/20-269-E-4

Photo By Medical Heritage Library, Inc.

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