#Pfizergate Brook Jackson Reveals Pfizer Fraud


This new data that's come out about the clinical trial contractor called "Ventavia" hits on the heels of major reporting on the conflicts of interest on the FDA panel that is rallying in all the EUA applications at a breakneck pace.

Boosters, check.

Children, check.

While most of us knew the clinical trials they rushed through were a flat out joke it's always good to see people on the inside do the right thing and actually provide details of the fraud and corruption.

This report from BMJ (British Medical Journal) chronicles the story from whistleblower Brook Jackson who was employed by Ventavia as an experienced manager of clinical trials with a 15 year career in the field. She had never seen anything like what she saw in this Pfizer trial before.

Before we get into the weeds on this let's just put that in perspective. She worked 20 years in this business which is known to be plagued with corruption - yet this one went deeper...

After all Jackson was not holding a lowly position in this research:

Jackson has told The BMJ that, during the two weeks she was employed at Ventavia in September 2020, she repeatedly informed her superiors of poor laboratory management, patient safety concerns, and data integrity issues. Jackson was a trained clinical trial auditor who previously held a director of operations position

And what she was documenting quickly got her fired but unfortunately for Pfizer she did a good job of documenting the fraud which included:

  • Falsifying data
  • Unblinding trial subjects
  • Failing to report adverse events in subjects
  • Failing to follow up with subjects with adverse events
  • Failing to test subjects suspected of being infected

She also documented correspondence among other workers one of which revealed a conversation about errors and quality control issues:

“In my mind, it’s something new every day,” a Ventavia executive says. “We know that it’s significant.”

These issues clearly weren't minor but systemic violations of normal codes of conduct for a clinical trial of such importance for a so called "vaccine" that would next be slated to be injected into the entire population.

How can things like this happen?

While the documents revealed by Jackson show that other Ventavia staff was concerned about an FDA inspection the truth stands that the FDA rarely inspects ongoing clinical trials so most of these outsources operations go on with no oversight. With the total of 44,000 participants over 153 sites such as Ventavia it's unclear at this point if any of the data from other subcontractors was valid but this information sure puts question into the Ventavia data.

“People working in clinical research are terrified of FDA audits,” Jill Fisher told The BMJ, but added that the agency rarely does anything other than inspect paperwork, usually months after a trial has ended. “I don’t know why they’re so afraid of them,” she said. But she said she was surprised that the agency failed to inspect Ventavia after an employee had filed a complaint. “You would think if there’s a specific and credible complaint that they would have to investigate that,” Fisher said.

Jackson also reconnected with some former coworkers who corroborated her story reporting:

that she had worked on over four dozen clinical trials in her career, including many large trials, but had never experienced such a “helter skelter” work environment as with Ventavia on Pfizer’s trial.

“I’ve never had to do what they were asking me to do, ever,” she told The BMJ. “It just seemed like something a little different from normal—the things that were allowed and expected.”

She added that during her time at Ventavia the company expected a federal audit but that this never came.

“I don’t think it was good clean data,” the employee said of the data Ventavia generated for the Pfizer trial. “It’s a crazy mess.”

An FDA audit was reported to have taken place after Ventavia fired Jackson but this may have been a cursory audit considering how things have proceeded. Clearly the corruption continues as Ventavia has been subcontracted by Pfizer for ongoing C-19 vaccine clinical trials since then regarding children & young adults, pregnant women, and a booster dose.

Pfizer likely uses these subcontractors because they can count on the data being just what they want when operators are ready and willing to falsify the data as required by Pfizer to get their EUA by a captured FDA.

All of this of course comes when a story broke that has not been confirmed which says that Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO has been arrested on fraud charges. That seems to be a bad story and likely didn't happen but if confirmed we will report on it. If that's a fake story "they" are clearly putting a lot of effort into creating fake stories that match perfectly with a real news story that can then be debunked in order to hide the real story (this one).

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One comment on “#Pfizergate Brook Jackson Reveals Pfizer Fraud”

  1. If this report isn't even true,wouldn't you think that politicians in charge would do the "due diligence" to determine its validity........but their silence proves its accuracy.......and they want nothing to do with the truth at this point.
    If someone makes a false claim about me I will do everything to prove them wrong! think about it!!

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