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Pfizer Lied Nurse Exposes Vaxxed Mom Catastrophe Data Hidden Under Fear & Intimidation


That headline is a serious mouthful but it's just a summary of the plethora of recent videos I've shared so we'll get to all of them here on this post.

Before we get into the gory stuff here's some inspiration. This is a montage of protests from all over the world with a song that is turning into an anthem for the opposition to this tyranny for good reason so I hope you like this one:

Of course it's no surprise for anyone that's been following current events (not aired on mainstream media) that Pfizer lied. The depth of their lies and how brazen they have been is what some are surprised by.

Currently they are requesting 75 years (up from 50 last week!) to disclose all the "secret" documents that went into their EUA filings for the Pfizer BioNtech so called "vaccine" (genetic code injection drug). They have some ridiculous number of pages of documents and want to drip these out to the FDA at a rate of ~500 pages a month as I recall which means most of the data won't see the light of day until many of us are departed from this plane (even if we haven't taken their death shots).

Many of us believe that even our courts in the shambles that they are will not grant them this crazy timeline especially in light of the fact that the FDA reviewed these docs in 108 days prior to granting the EUA. So why not release these documents to the public in that same timeframe?

The crazy part is what has been already released in the first data drop:

If that's come out already can you imagine what they are trying to hide in all that other data?

Calling this criminal is an understatement.

One topic that has not been getting nearly enough exposure is what has been going on with vaxxed Moms and the newborns from these women. This topic has been strategically swept under the rug but finally some brave nurses have been blowing the whistle revealing the horror that these untested genetic code injections are doing to these pregnancies.

It's horrible to think of the long term ramifications of so many child bearing aged women who are getting these injections with plans of having children in the future and we have no idea what the outcomes will be? No fertility? High incidence of birth defects? High incidence of deformed sex organs in newborns?

If this damage to our population was intentional this is the worst genocide in human history, apparently best described as a "democide":

Democide is a concept proposed by American political scientist Rudolph Rummel to describe "the intentional killing of an unarmed or disarmed person by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity and pursuant to government policy or high command."

Here's a clip of a nurse exposing what's been going on in her Postpartum unit:

So how does all this information get strategically hidden from the masses?

Fear and intimidation have stifled scientific discourse. Of course this would not be possible without the media being controlled by a specific agenda that does not have your best interest in mind.

Steve Kirsch is a serial entrepreneur who has been highly successful in tech giving him the resources to offer millions of dollars for real scientific debate and those carrots are still dangling. He was thrust into this debate when he appeared on the Dark Horse podcast with his position as a skeptic of the science behind the so called vaccines for covid-19.

Here's a clip I edited of a recent interview he did which I think summarize at least some of his positions on this subject as someone who has the resources to collaborate with the best minds in real scientific debate of this topic:

The videos on here were just a few of the recent videos I've shared. You can see them all (including the full interview that this edit was from) and subscribe to the bitchute channel right here:


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