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I ran across a video the other day which while a bit long and rough cut feels very important to share. And this is one that is sure to be censored like all the rest if it really takes off and gets noticed so I've made sure to download it in case it does so I can fix this post if it disappears.

So you'll see the video below but first why I think this is so important. The reason this hit so well for me is that it goes hand in hand with a book from 2010 that I'm reading right now (which I'll review once I finish reading it) about how the corporate oligarch's have been hiding environmental pollution and side affects from drugs (both legal and illicit) under a guise of a virus.

That is not the subject of the video!

But this helps articulate how deep agendas can go in order to direct political and/or corporate goals. It also gets into the depth of the politics of science. After all this goes all the way back to Gallo and Montagnier (in the 1980's) the so called discoverers of the HIV virus and the fraud that they both perpetrated. If that subject is new to you and that sounds preposterous consider this:

"Both antibody positive and antibody negative drug users will develop AIDS and that not only individuals who use dirty needles but those who use clean needles or even non-parenteral drugs will develop positive antibody tests. That both intravenous and oral drug users will develop positive "HIV" antibody tests was shown as far back as 1988 when Sterk reported that a higher percentage of prostitutes who use oral drugs (84%), than IV (46%) test positive" 
C. Sterk, "Cocaine and HIV Seropositivity", Lancet I, (1988):1052-1053.

The point here is that it is not a new phenomenon for atrocities such as slave labor mining work throughout the Congo, Uganda, Ghana, and other parts of Africa which literally shortens lifespan to approximately 42 years due to the horrid working conditions - to be blamed on an invisible virus that somehow gives these miners "AIDS".

The way they have somehow made this conceivable to the average viewer of mainstream media is quite convoluted and a much longer story than what I'm posting here because this has to do with dissent and how that has been silenced through secret programs such as "Operation Condor" which involved the training of 60,000 Latin American officers from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay with specific missions to assassinate political dissidents in these countries. This was all done at the infamous School of the Americas on a US Military base where they learned torture techniques which they brought home to their countries.

This allowed the control of Latin America and the Panama Canal zone and it was orchestrated largely by the power brokering of Henry Kissinger, British Intelligence MI5, along with the CIA. The specific operations were actually filled with false flag operations used to vilify "left wing" or communist organization while torturing and murdering their members. In point of historical fact these so called communist or left wing organizations consisted of labor unions and other civil rights or anti-government protesters standing up for farmer's and other humanitarian rights.

The point here is that whether the goal is to secure profits in natural resources such as diamond mines in Africa or farming in Latin America these sick power elites will not hesitate to kill their adversaries.

So the wings have clearly been shifted around with history but does this sound familiar with what is currently brewing in Western countries for anyone who apposes the mainstream narrative and is resisting the lockdowns, vaccines, and mask wearing?

In Latin America these US trained assassins have systematically killed between 500,000 and possibly upwards of 3 million dissidents since the 1970's and this type of military training continues and has even spread to Israel where many US police forces are currently getting military police training in Israel and coming back to use this training against the US population.

While they are getting away with censoring dissenting views from the standard government sanctioned narrative the point here is that we are dangerously close to violent oppression of any contrary views and the fact that the social divide is so wide between the believers and non-believers is quite frightening.

Those that experienced Nazi Germany recall that it started with neighbors turning in neighbors and this is clearly being encouraged now.

Here's the video that explores some of these topics, especially Operation Condor and the School of the Americas. It's a rough cut directly from the filmmaker who decided to release it to get this out since this is very timely even though his video editor was injured and wasn't able to do a professional edit:

Hopefully this one doesn't get censored too quickly but we will back it up if it does and reupload it elsewhere. Assassination Nation: The License To Kill Political Activists.

Please accept my apology for run on sentences, etc. as this was posted in a bit of a hurry. Will try to edit it when I can.

Please share your views of this post and the video in the comments below and if you found this useful go ahead and share it with your friends however you like to do that sort of thing.

Featured Photo By Royal Navy Media Archive
Virus Image courtesy of: Christoph Scholz
Soldier Drawing Image courtesy of: 10b travelling / Carsten ten Brink

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