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How many shots do you really need?

A lot of questions have been coming my way in response to some of the recent news and postings I've done about the recent Pfizer Comirnaty FDA Approval and all the confusion about the legal distinction between the two shots. As with a lot of the information floating around these days I personally feel this is a game of distraction and programming.

Throughout this last couple years of Covid branded hysteria there has been mass programming to support big pharma and it's pretty clear that the mass media will say whatever they want to achieve their goal even when it completely contradicts the real science. They will censor any dissent and just attempt to sweep it under the rug and push the fraudulent "Fauci Science" which has no basis in fact.

In this case the bigger point is that they have approved (an as yet unavailable) new product which is the same as the Pfizer shot that is available under EUA (emergency use authorization) in order to keep pushing a shot where Pfizer has no liability but the more important part is that we don't know how many shots are even required to make these mRNA injections effective.

Personally I doubt any number of them will do anything to support anyone's health based on extensive research I've done. Please do your own research and make your own choice of how you want to live your life. Just keep in mind that they likely played this monkey business with this new mRNA product (chemically the same but with potential to create boosters in the future!) in order to make you believe that they can now force a mandate for you to keep your job, fly in an airplane, and otherwise live what we have considered a normal life.

I personally don't believe that "normal" is in their plans for the great reset.

I'm compiling resources for a response for people that want to challenge the mandates and vaccine passports and will post those shortly.

In the meantime you might enjoy this perspective on this situation from David Knight:

Please share this with anyone you feel will benefit from it and help stop censorship. And thank you for reading!

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