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Colloidal silver is the general term for a silver solution with small particles of silver but when I was researching the science on the effects of silver solutions against the spike protein I found something rather interesting...

What I discovered didn't really surprise me so much since I've personally been producing "nano" ionic silver hydrosols for about 15 years now and "near nano" ionic silver for another 10 years prior to that. Yes, what I'm getting at is that the effects were determined by the size of the silver ions as well as the concentration and one study showed that higher PPM concentration actually delivered a diminishing return due to cytotoxic effects.

When you look at these studies there is a bit to wade through because a lot of the research involves combinations of numerous different types of nano-particles (NP) with silver (AgNPs) being one of these that were researched sometimes on their own but also in combination with other NP.

Twenty five years ago when I first discovered "colloidal silver" and started making crude solutions of it by connecting 3 nine-volt batteries together in series in order to get 27 volts to the pure silver electrodes purchased at a local jeweler. Submerging those electrodes in pure distilled water would make a rather crude silver solution but it worked!

Back then it was described that the silver would destroy the outer protein layer on the virus so it can not attach to a cell which would essentially render it into a toxin that would then be flushed out of the body.

And what is the "spike protein"?

The spike protein is the specific structure of the proteins that make up the outer protein layer on the virus and it is one of the unique attributes of a virus that gives it unique characteristics on where it can attach. In the case of SARS-Cov-2 it's spike protein is what allows it to attach to the ACE-2 receptor.

One of the best studies showed that the best concentration of Silver is between 1 and 10 PPM and higher PPM levels were toxic to the cells.

What about turning blue from drinking colloidal silver?

If you make silver from low quality water (even well purified water) that you don't test for PPM levels before you put the silver electrodes in, and you drink a lot of it, you'll probably turn blue also.

The reason is that in order to make high qualify silver hydrosol you need to use quality distilled water that tests under 1 ppm when you start.

Also, your silver solution when finished should not have any sort of color - it should look essentially like ultra-purified water. Any yellowish (or other) hue is a sign that something went wrong.

If you read that you should add salt to increase the conductivity please look for better information elsewhere because additives such as this will create a diverse array of silver compounds that are NOT silver ions. Silver chlorides, silver bromides, silver oxides and other such compounds are toxic and should be avoided.

This study looked at a combination of various nano-particles (which they call TPNT1 which includes AgNPs) and their combined effect against SARS-COV-2 with various ways of testing. The double edge sword scary part about their TPNT1 product is that part of it's mechanism of prevention includes inhibiting to ACE-2 receptors and to interfere with the syncytium formation - and this inhibition of syncytium formation was stated by Dr Mike Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, to have potential of blocking the formation of the Embryo in a developing foetus (citation needed). This of course was a study using a concoction of many different NPs including Zinc, Chlorine Dioxide, Gold and Silver and I've personally never heard of anyone having fertility issues based on consumption of silver hydrosols.

Another study considered Silver Nanomaterials (AgNM) which it explains are slightly larger than AgNP. These solutions generated ROS (reactive oxygen species) in order to achieve effects against SARS-Cov2.

An overview study on the viability of the use of AgNPs against SARS-COV-2 determined that it is a viable intervention and that the best route of administration was inhalation. This would be done with a nebulizer and these are very easy to acquire.

I will continue to post on this topic and add to this post or alternatively create more posts on this topic in the future.

If you found this useful go ahead and share it with all your friends. And type in your experiences with silver in the comments below!


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