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Nano Scale "Razor Blades" in Vax Graphene Hydroxide | Dr Andreas Noack (RIP)


One of the biggest stories going around this past week is that of the whistleblower Dr Andreas Noack in Germany who is/was (he was apparently killed shortly after this disclosure) a credentialed expert in the field of graphene nano materials even publishing a PhD thesis in this area of research.

The video (below) has been spreading like wildfire all over the net in the past week. In it he explains (in subtitled German) that the type of graphene nano particles that he and his colleague Professor Dr Pablo Campra have identified in the "vaccine" vials are an activated form of graphene which is chemically graphene hydroxide and that it breaks apart into single atom thickness graphene razors and that this explains why athletes are dropping dead so quickly as the effects from this are amplified by fast pumping blood such as an athlete would experience.

We'll likely write more on this and may update this post but for now here's the video:

Please share this post everywhere you can since this is obviously very important information.

As more of the information about Dr Noack is translated from German we will post more about him and if it's true what a sad day but we are so grateful for him to share this information putting himself in the crossfire of greed and corruption.

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