Classic Must See Video on the Next Billion Dollar Crop


This is still so valid today as our society finally embraces this useful plant. This history is so important as many of the uses for Hemp have still yet to be explored on a large scale. 

Even though this documentary is 24 years old it's still completely valid today. I met some of the guys interviewed in this classic back in the 1990's when this information was first being revealed. Now things are really happening with this crop as it's finally being legalized in many states.

Of course this is the same plant as the psychoactive version which is usually called Marijuana but in this video you'll learn the history of that terminology. So many uses for one single plant it almost seemed unbelievable back then. Now we have full production of Hemp in Oregon, Colorado and Kentucky with other states now coming on board. Massive crops have already been harvested in the US but are all the diverse uses for Hemp being exploited yet?

Unfortunately it takes infrastructure and big money flowing into industries like this to support all the industrial uses for this crop which was destroyed by the chemical industries and politics. Most of the production in Hemp currently is supporting the huge demand for CBD medicine production which wasn't even thought about back when this documentary was made!

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Photo By Kríttik'l Kápchər (CH)

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