Is This The Last Straw For the US Dollar?


The US dollar is rallying right now so why would it be "the last straw" for it?

Geopolitics is complicated and other currencies such as the Euro are actually in far worse shape right now than the US dollar but ultimately that won't prevent it's collapse.

The Euro and Japanese Yen will fall first but when the Elite's want all fiat currencies to collapse they will do what it takes to make it happen. So while these two currencies fall with respect to the US dollar and before the BRICS system is fully operational, some investors still currently see the US dollar as a good place to park money. This is why we see it strong right now with respect to the Euro and some other currencies at the same time as the massive inflation we are experiencing in the US.

But how long will this surge in the US dollar last?

That's a very difficult question to answer so I'll let the real financial analysts tackle that one but in the meantime while the US dollar rallies the perceived cost of precious metals (exchanged for US dollars) is down making these appear to be less valuable. Are they just a bargain now? They are at least hard assets that can't vanish when out of control money printing leads fiat currencies (and stock equities valued in them) down a historical slippery slope to nothing. Historically fiat currencies (paper money) ends up at the value of kindling to keep you warm in the winter. Of course most money these days is digital so I guess that leads to a zero value since those don't even provide any BTUs.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see this happen but corrupt governments that debase their currency to such extremes ultimately destroy their currencies. I don't think there has been an empire that didn't do this throughout history so thinking that this is an exception could be a big mistake.

And regardless of what you think about all this the elites (Klaus Schwab, Uval Noah Harari, Bill Gates and all the World Economic Forum members) seem hell bent on orchestrating a controlled demolition of not only our global financial system to make you beg for mercy but also demolishing our entire industrial civilization.

The era of cheap fuel and abundant choice of goods seems to be ending so it's a good time to prepare for this.

I tend to avoid political topics on this site but it feels like acceleration of inflation in the US has brought those in charge to a position where one of their only options is a war with Russia as explained quite well in this video:

So what's next?

Failure in Sri Lanka (a failed attempt at "going green" and eliminating chemical fertilizers), a farmer uprising in The Netherlands (attempts to stop farmers from farming based on faulty climate change models and erroneous theories about Nitrogen and Methane from cows), and more chaos erupting in a new country practically daily so what's next?

It's becoming clear to many that were in the dark previously that the World Economic Forum IS the One World Government of unelected elites who are making the decisions for these governments. This is becoming blatant in countries such as The Netherlands.

Regardless of where this goes it sure seems biblical in proportions so it's probably a good time to brush up on Revelations and get prepared for some tough times in these next few years as we head towards the big year of 2030 (Agenda 2030).

The Georgia Guidestones which called for a depopulation of the planet to a level of 500 million means we are only in the beginning of what's to come if these genocidal maniacs get their way.

This interview about the BRICS system is really important perspective so you understand the scope of what's at stake when US Dollar hegemony ends and the petrodollar is gone in favor of the new Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa system that is being modeled on an already tested Chinese digital currency system. Apparently Saudi Arabia is already in negotiations to join this system and when it goes live a lot of countries that hold reserves of the US Dollar in order to buy oil (petrodollar) will no longer need those reserves and will start dumping them as the final blow to US Dollar hegemony.

Will the US Stock Market crash before the BRICS system is put into place and the US Dollar crashes? Or will it happen afterwards? I sure don't know the answer to that question but welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Either way it's going to be catastrophic for everyone in the US especially those who choose to bury their head in the sand and not take heed about what's going on right now and protect their assets in various ways with hard assets that won't vanish along with the financial system.

We may get the benefit of seeing the collapse happen to others first, such as Europe and Japan, and this will hopefully wake up some Americans who are still asleep at the wheel.

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  1. Joshua, most excellent compilation of info respective to the current climate of our times..I've been sharing this info to friends...

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