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Is The 'Delta Strain' The Vaccine? Funeral Home Whistleblower


The big covid news lately is the funeral home whistleblower John O'Looney from the Milton Keyes Family Funeral Home who has come out in the UK and revealing his insight into the lack of evidence of a real "pandemic" from the start in early 2020.

His story is quite compelling and important for understanding the full scope of this deception.

O'Looney explains that throughout the beginning of 2020 when the supposed pandemic was in full throtle he never saw an increase in deaths and continued to do his normal practice of washing and dressing the deceased which would have exposed him daily to any "deadly pathogen" that would have been related and he never got sick.

He simply wanted the families of the deceased to have a proper burial so he continued his normal practice.

He did see a temporary increase in deaths coming in from care homes in early 2020 and noticed that it was concurrent with an increase in prescriptions for medazolam. Medazolam is a benzodiazepine sedative which is sometimes used on elderly for preparation to put a patient on a ventilator.

These elderly were not being put on ventilators however and this over-prescribed dangerous medication was likely the reason for this increase death rate from care homes.

The funeral home director goes on to say that the next wave of deaths came right after the shots were started and that it hit right on the same day they started giving them out and have continued ever since. He said that it was an abrupt increase in deaths that was massive and it hasn't stopped.

Of course there are other reasons aside from just the shots, we have a plague of medical malpractice (my words not his) which O'Looney essentially calls medical murder. The is because of the care that patients are getting in the hospitals as more and more hospital administrators (most of which aren't even doctors) put bans in place for the off-patent drugs that actually work and anyone who speaks of natural immunity and natural remedies is shunned off the censored big tech media.

This is of course what we've all seen that have been paying attention and ignoring the deception of the mainstream media but hearing this directly from a funeral home director is an interesting perspective:

Another important perspective on the John O'Looney expose was a show with Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Amanda Vollmer on Romola Reports show:

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