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Is Remdesivir A Deadly Agent of Genocide?


As more and more truth is revealed the details about the drugs that have been pushed on us show they were even more dangerous than we may have thought. What if the Fauci pushed drug Remdesivir was not only ineffective (that was clear) but actually deadly!

Prior to Fauci's promotion of Remdesivir the drug was not approved by the FDA. It was a failed drug leftover from Ebola research which Fauci decided to resurrect to serve his purpose.

But what was that actual purpose?

Could that purpose have been to drive the fear response to Covid-19 even higher?

If that was Fauci's goal, then Remdesivir served it's purpose well by serving the purpose of tricking doctors into thinking that the toxic effects from Remdesivir were actually symptoms of Covid-19.

What are the types of toxic symptoms which are known to result from dosing remdesivir?

They include things like multiple-organ-dysfunction syndrome, septic shock, acute kidney injury, and hypotension all of which can lead to death. This drug was removed from clinical trials because it resulted in the death of up to 53% of subjects at 28 days in an Ebola study!

No one has articulated this truth as well as Dr Bryan Ardis and he spoke recently at one of the Clay Clark "Time To Free America" events revealing this story.

When you subscribe to his website at he will send you all the documents which he shows in this presentation:

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