Is It the Virus or The Terrain?

If you've been consuming any media at all lately you may have noticed that this is one question that has seen very little attention. So what is this about?

The Terrain or "Bio-Terrain" is a term that refers to the characteristics of your bodily fluids and tissue characteristics. Basically you are what your body is made up of what you eat and the environment that you inhabit.

Does this mean if you eat the right things, avoid chemical, electromagnetic, and other pollutants, enjoy a stress-free life and avoid pharma drugs, and generally live a natural, healthy life that you will be able to resist pathogenic infection?

That concept is the basics of "Terrain Theory" and the idea of "host resistance" meaning that you will be resistant to hosting pathogenic bacteria and viruses when your immune system is strong. When your immune system is strong you have a healthy Bio-Terrain.

My understanding is that this relates to the newer concept of the microbiome which has become a real buzzword in recent years and essentially makes up the microbial environment of your Bio-Terrain whereas the Bio-Terrain itself includes your tissues, organs, fluids, etc. as well.

When thinking about the subject of Covid-19 and Bio-Terrain one of the important terms that come up is of course exosomes. These are essentially endogenous (think from "self") viruses that may be released from your cells due to exposure to environmental toxins.

The big question here is are exosomes infectious (contagious) or not?

This is one of the best conversations I've run into lately about this topic. I hope you find this useful and please share this post on your favorite social site and share your feedback below in the comments if you've found this post helpful.

This is a roundtable discussion that includes Dr Judy Mikovitz and Dr Andrew Kaufman plus the moderators:

I also very much agree with this opinion piece which is a call out to Del Bigtree about what I also believe he is missing in his programming which while being quite edutaining in it's production value and content - is missing the deep alternative truth that we are expressing on this post.

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