Is Covid-19 Testing Really A Fraud?


It seems to be pretty common knowledge lately that the PCR testing (and other similar tests) are fraudulent but the depth of the fraud still needs a bit more articulation.

The basics are clear:

  • We don't need to use an arbitrary genomic signature test on healthy individuals
  • The "Cycle Threshold" is considered proprietary and leads to upwards of 99% false positive results.
  • The means that a "Positive" result doesn't mean someone is "infected" or sick or will ever be!

Now let's get to the gritty details...

There is not an FDA Approved Covid-19 test. Not a single one!

These tests are all used under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and this means that the companies selling the tests have no liability for damages that happen from the use of the test. This means that a false positive that leads to an individual getting forced onto a ventilator (which is happening!) gives the manufacturer of the test zero liability!

None of these tests have been through a validation study in order to calculate the sensitivity and specificity. This means the error rates for the tests have never been calibrated so there is no proof that they actually test for what they are supposed to be testing for.

In order to prove the efficacy of the test it would need to be compared to a "Gold Standard" but in this case they don't even have a gold standard because there is no specificity on the test that correlates to a specific virus.

If the tests aren't calibrated to a specific virus what are they calibrated to?

It's a test to detect a nucleic acid. The nucleic acids they are testing for are very common and not even specific to common corona viruses. 

So what is the rate of false positives?

With no validation study and no consistency in cycle threshold that they run the tests there's no way we can know what percent of false positives will come up. Of course because they are only testing for a nucleic acid sequence it's not correlated to a disease anyway!

Also with no validation study they know they can't get a full FDA Approval on these tests because the basic requirement involves a validation study and this is why the CDC has already announced that they are canceling this test at the end of 2021.

Unfortunately they can then just apply for an EUA for another test and play the same game again with a new test that again has no validation study and again will be a total fraud but have a new name.

Here is a recent discussion of these points by two Medical doctors who understand the details of this very well.

Thank you Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Amandha Vollmer and the host for this conversation!

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