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If You're Vaxxed or Not Please Read This


This is a bit of a personal post...

We've all been separated from certain friends in these last couple years so I decided to write this to my friend Aaron, who I considered a great friend years back, but this should ring to you as well no matter which side of the fence you've been on in this "deep divide" that's happened since this covid fiasco has unwound.

Look, I haven't changed from the person I was 3 years ago. I'm still the same nutrition and freedom obsessed, critically thinking, anti-pharma person my dad inspired me to be!

Anyone that knows my story knows that my father helped me to be the polar opposite of him, we're talking generation skipping to the max. He's a traditional psychiatrist who prescribes what I consider toxic medications to his patients in order to try to correct a "chemical imbalance" that has yet to be proven to exist in any medical studies. This concept of biological psychiatry has been the myth of today's conventional (drug based) psychiatry that parallels the concepts of contagion of viral caused diseases promoted by the likes of Anthony Fauci.

These are my sincere beliefs as they have been for at least the last two decades.

So have I changed in the last two years?

Well I've got a few more books read under my belt and have expanded my knowledge of natural health just as in these past two decades. Sure, a few additional grey hairs, and likely following more conservative influencers than I used to (they seem to value freedom and liberties more than so called liberals which I was raised with) but value-wise I'm the same person I was.

So why would friends stop returning calls and presume me to be some flag waving Trumpian?

For anyone who is getting that sort of critique, ask your friend (presuming they are a voter) this: When have you not voted for the lesser of two evils when it comes to a presidential election?

If they are honest this should be an easy question to answer: NEVER.

Sure there's some flagrant Trumpians out there, but my friends that truly know me already know that I'm not that guy regardless of who I may have voted for. But I will say this that I sure did have enough foresight to avoid voting for Let's Go Brandon.

For the record I am not a Trump supporter. Anyone that pushes these toxic bio-weapons falsely referred to as a "vaccine" will NOT get my support! He continues to push them regardless of the death and destruction they've caused.

Truth is I never did fit into any of the common groups. Even as I was growing up admittedly I was rather alienated after having quit the soccer team to ride a skateboard/snowboard. Once leaving soccer I guess team sports didn't do it for me.

I could tangent into the concept of social equity as the concept of "equity" among groups which by definition is discriminatory because it forces INDIVIDUALS into ONE group and measures them based on this group rather than based on individual merits. To me this feels like a big issue right now as we've been flushed into a world of (nearly legislated) blatant segregation based on one particular medical choice during a time of massive media manipulation of public opinion (read brainwashing) and censorship of apposing views.

Look, generally I'm not a political guy. This is literally the first time I've ever mentioned anything political on this website after years of posting. Politics were intentionally left out of the dialog. In these last two years I long for the time when health topics could be outside of the realm of politics!

But this is vitally important politics regardless of whether you've had any jabs up until this point!

Moving forward we are at a crucial pivotal moment here's a 17 minute documentary about just that:

No matter where you are at right now, vaxxed or intensely apposed, we must stand up to the tyranny that apposes all of us right now or we will lose all of our freedoms that have taken generation upon generations to achieve.

And this has all been thrown away for what?


Wait we've already been through that one.

A heart attack?

Nope that ship has already sailed also.

This year's "flu"?

Well that pretty much sums it up, on top of an incredibly fraudulent medical system that has thrived on lies and corruption and benefited from false beliefs taken as fact.

Back to my personal journey...

What got this started was my statement to a friend that I felt had been ghosting our friendship. I said that "covid shots aren't really vaccines and really gmo code injections".

His response: "What? How can you prove that claim?"

"I don't have to. Robert Malone (canceled) inventor of mRNA, Dr David Martin and plenty of others do. Plus it's self evident how else does it "work"? (It programs your ribosomes to produce synthetic spike proteins that were created on an in situ computer sequence! How could that NOT be genetic engineering?)

"Is that a qanon theory? I sure would't know if it was.

"If this is your red pill moment hopefully you got one of the "cleaner" lots. According to VAERS data over 95% of adverse reactions and deaths associated with covid jabs are from 5-6% of the lot numbers. That's for all three brands! Impossible to be coincidental."

The mention of qanon was because after ghosting me for maybe 6 months his (maybe sarcastic) question was whether I've joined Qanon yet.

This frankly left me scratching my head a bit given that it was coming from a friend that I highly respected when we were friends. He was one of the most successful of friends that I've worked with in the past on various video projects, and he was someone that I considered a critical thinker.

The mention of Qanon likely also was a driver for my Taurus bull horns to come out and speak more truth regardless of the consequences. In hindsight this may have driven the divide even deeper.

Since this meager correspondence we seem to be back in the ghosting territory. Maybe I pushed my point too far and I'm not claiming that I know the secret to curing this divide among former friends and community members, but what do we do when our formerly thoughtful comrades abandon thought and reason and join a cult of deep and distinct darkness?

I'm not really sure what else to say about this but I really would appreciate your thoughts as the reader of this post. Please type in a comment and help me understand if you have any insight into these challenges.

Below are a few videos which help solidify my position on the deadly nature of the covid shots in hopes that it can awaken a few temporarily lost souls.

These videos below will take hours to listen to them all so you might want to start with a few and bookmark this post so you can come back to it when you want to dig deeper.

Let's start with Steve Kirsch the highly successful serial entrepreneur who is currently offering what I believe is up to $2 million USD for a legitimate debate from a prominent pro-covid vax doctor, no one will take it! (and this is not a hollow offer he's got the cash to back this offer)

Dr David Martin, medical doctor and attorney who has been studying the legal malfeasance of Anthony Fauci for a solid two decades leading up to his appearance in the infamous "Plandemic InDoctorNation" documentary last year.

Kary Mullis, PhD and Nobel Prize Laureat (1993) for his Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing methodology which he insisted should never be used for diagnosis of disease! This long time critic of Anthony Fauci unfortunately passed away in 2019. His position on HIV as the never proven so called cause of AIDS arguably parallels the Coronavirus causes Covid-19 theoretical construct:

Next follows a series of Dr David Martin Presentations, each of which exposes more details of this planned takeover of your individual liberty and the substitution of tyranny and socialism. See the detailed post on Dr David Martin here.

More Dr David Martin, these next two are from G Edward Griffin's Red Pill Expo:

And here's a slightly older one from Dr David Martin which is also a great presentation:

Dr Peter McCullough in his presentation at the Association of American Physicians 78th Annual Event from October 2021:

Dr Zandre Botha from South Africa with her independent analysis of vaccine vials and microscopic analysis:

Karen Kingston (former Pfizer, biotech analyst turned whistleblower) exposes some of her earlier work investigating the patents on mRNA technology which represent both ModeRNA and Pfizer's covid-19 injection technology which is being falsely called a "vaccine".

In fact these products represent a genetic code injection (originally these were developed with proposed use in genetic cancer interventions but these were largely a failure due in part that more and more proof has come to light that cancer is a metabolic disease and not genetic!) along with an entire host of other technologies. Examine their patents and you'll see how deep the rabbit hole goes...

Michelle Malkin here gives a great expose of the history of Pfizer, the criminal pharmaceutical company that has now become somehow trusted by the masses!

Christine Massey discusses her experience with FOI requests and the fact that none of the US Government agencies have any research documents which show any sort of scientific proof that SARS-COV2 has been isolated and purified from a COVID-19 sick individual:

Dr Peter McCullough with his recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast:

Robert F Kennedy of Children's Health Defense interviewed about his recently published book "The Real Anthony Fauci" which should be on every truth loving person's bookshelf:

What about the concept of "All Cause Mortality" and the manipulation of data in order to skew public opinion in mainstream media?

Bill Gates was called out for a picture of him showing in his stack of books one called "How To Lie With Statistics" and this video dives deep into how data has been manipulated during this last couple years of covid mass hysteria:

As usual these videos can all be found on our channel here where you can subscribe to be the first to see all the latest info:

Please share your thoughts on this in the comments below - I would love to hear your insight... And share this with any people in your life that you feel would benefit from it.

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10 comments on “If You're Vaxxed or Not Please Read This”

  1. It is very hard to determine the lies from the truth these days. You have given me some encouragement in my own judgement as although I have not seen some of these peoples material, you have included every other person who I think has any creditability, in the summary of the present situation.

  2. Thank you for your honesty, I can only hope that a few of your readers will have that ah!ha!moment when they realize what has happened. Congratulations and "may the force(light) be with you"

  3. My father was also instrumental in forming my early opinions of Allopathic medicine. My early upbringing was in the Seventh-day Adventist church, and we have a health message based on Biblical principles. That being said, most of our health institutions have bought into the worlds way of practicing medicine. And that is unfortunate. There was a lot of medical knowledge building up in the 19th century that got thrown away when vaccines and Allopathic medicine were found to be the money makers they were. Even the breakthroughs of the 20th century (like Royal Rife, and others) was repressed in favor of methodologies that generated revenue as opposed to healthy people. My father went back to school when he was 45 years old to become a Chiropractor. This only reinforced my leanings away from modern medicine. I have a saying that I have used for decades-I only go to a doctor when I break something, or spring a leak. I am also a vegetarian. Between the two, I have made it to 63 years old, and most people think I am in my 40s.

    I agree with your stance on vaccinations, Covid, and health in general, and I hope you keep up the good work.

    Oh, and good luck with your friend...

  4. Josh,
    We are just twin sons of different mothers. I have been following you for several years now and you are very good at digging down and bringing the truth out for us all to see. Anyone of the above videos or more than enough Proof Concerning the line that is being perpetrated in the world right now. As a Christian I will say we are very close to the end if you know what I’m talking about. Stand your ground. Back in the 60s activist and protesters would lock arms against The government trying to stop them from protesting in peace. This is the way we’re doing it now on line. you have my respect

  5. Most of my peers, family & friends do NOT want to know about the whistle-blowers, facts, proof, evidence that this planned epidemic was planned by the World Health Organization in combination with Bill Gates, Fauci and the Dark Ones (cabal, Illuminati, Freemasons above 32nd degree, satanists, Zion Jews, Lizards etc). They are quite frankly, mass hypnotized by the news, the tik tok, the twitter, facebook without realizing there are a lot of paid disinformation agents in the CIA,journalists, big pharma and government to tell lies. Money is the aim of the game along with the fear, terror that the media generates. This fear felt by the masses seems to negate all critical thinking, common sense,in people. Even when you show them the proof, they go vacant, gaze off into the distance, and refuse to accept the TRUTH. The fear creates a mass mob mentality and hysteria that the Dark Ones feed off to seize more and more control. It is all about creating a State of One World, no freedom, no liberty and turning humans into soulless robotic creatures connected to a world-wide web, similar to what is portrayed in The Matrix movies. It's like the light is on, very dim, but nobody is home. The soul is literally giving up their sovereignty.

    The amount of information you need to sift through, find, to get to the real hard core knowledge,is immense. Unless you have time like I do, and no matter what question I ask Google, now DuckDuckGo, I can find the real truth from companies, very quickly, that prove the inter-connection of all industries, money, power to create said One world order. these powers must publish everything and let us humans know their agenda.

    Except we stupidly don't see the con. We just think "It's the Simpsons! Hahahaha". Reality - the Dark Ones, by Cosmic Spiritual Law, are letting us know their agenda. It doesn't matter if it's a tv show, comic book, company reports, new technology start up company,movie, fictional story,etc: they've told us. We however don't know said Cosmic Law and they use that against us. Every Light filled religion has been perverted, subverted by the Dark Ones. It really is quite horrific what they have done. It is a spiritual war. The takeover has been happening for over 10,000 years.

    The variety of free books (if you know where to look), the time to read them, will connect it ALL. The big tech companies, the 5G,6G, the vaccine implants, the nanotechnology, the pharma industry poisoning of our soil, water, air, the farmers fight against this agenda, the farmers who sell out, the seeds, GMO, the bees, the water rights now to be paid for, the constant new laws, legislation, fees, fines, do this, do that by government. The giants, the true history of our planet, all hidden and covered up by secret 3 letter agencies. The space programs, war, war games, civil wars, stock market manipulation,education take-over, mental health, New Age, drugs, drug trade etc: It is all aimed at killing us slowly. My lessons began when I studied Naturopathy. Big pharma ain't there to heal you, believe me. Then 4 years ago, I thought, "will all the money and technology on this planet, why are there still starving people?" And that is when I knew something was wrong, deep down, a deep inner heart felt knowing. My heart spoke to me. And I was finally ready to learn.

    That is when I found about Satanic infiltration within governments, but especially USA. Each new book, led me to more topics, more books, more industries, until I had covered nearly every aspect of our world, in many different industries. It blew me away. There is now a movie called Monopoly. Vanguard and Black Rock, the hidden connection between all big corporations, their owners, the ties they all have to secret societies.

    The thing is no one person can rise up against all that. It has to be mass awakening, mass non compliance, and mass human decisions to decide against all the above, and begin making their own choices that are natural, free, healthy, happy, joyful that help clean up ourselves and our planet. How?- where you spend your money. Politics needs to be cleaned out and everything start over. World wide. The people just need to decide who they want as their Master? The Light of Love, or the Darkness and misery of fear, suffering, pain. I know what I want!!

    The mass hypnotism of covid, mass vaccinations are not only killing people, but also waking up people as the death toll rises daily. It really is separating people, which deep down is a soul choice. Do they leave the planet (death from virus, vaccine?) or do they stay to enjoy the New Earth?

    It is a spiritual war. However the biblical revelations will NOT occur. ie the apocalyptic visions from 2000 years ago. We create our own reality. Again, we are not taught this, and the fear makes it hard for people to choose the Light when they panic and visualize worse case scenarios. Make your choices to be happy, healthy, pleasant ones. For yourselves, humans, Earth herself, and all life upon her. It really is that simple. Peace, Love, Harmony, Joy, Healthy, Abundance for all. Cheers.

  6. Joshua,
    Thank you for your thoughtful observations. I find no fault with what you are expressing.
    I have seen most of this material and waiting for my copy of 'The Real Anthony Fauci' by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. His interview on Mercola's site was remarkable, especially his truth of his fathers murder, etc.
    We must persevere. We're here to learn and awaken our Spirit. We're in this dimension, but not from it. Where will we be in 50 years? Where will our world be in 100 years? Will we be incarnating into this world again?
    Nature is mounting the decisive blow that will wash away our troubles in good time. As a Vedic astrologer of 40 years, this coming April will be earth changing. The fight cannot be avoided. The people are waking up.
    Perseverance furthers.
    Best, Michael

  7. Joshua,
    I have seen most of these videos. Thank you for your heart felt feelings and thoughts. I get it. I find no fault with what you are saying and experiencing. We are on common ground.
    We must not forget that we are Spirits incarnate in a Temporal Dimension.

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