Hurricane Harvey Flooding Became Even More Horrific


Hurricane Harvey caused devastating flooding that prompted thousands of Houston residents to flee the city. Worse, the devastation did not stop at millions of dollars of damages and lost lives. The flood water has been contaminated with a flesh-eating bacteria called Vibrio. Vibrio cause skin infections and diarrhea.

In severe cases, it could lead to loss of limbs and even death. Houston residents are warned about the dangers of Vibrio since cross contamination spreads the bacteria easily, increasing the risk of mass infection.

Horrific health hazards lurking in Houston flood waters

(Natural News) Experts from the CDC are warning that people should treat all the flood water as though it is contaminated. The flood waters that have already displaced thousands of people and are submerging homes contain a horrifying combination of sewage, chemicals, debris and heavy metals. Many illnesses in these situations result from septic systems and sewage treatment systems being unable to filter out human and animal fecal pathogens when they are flooded.

What is lurking in the water? It could be anything from mild gastrointestinal hazards like norovirus to the fatal micro-organism known as Vibrio vulnificus.

Found along the Gulf Coast, Vibrio is a type of flesh-eating bacteria that thrives in warm temperatures and is transmitted via food, water and open wounds. As local residents flee from floods, they can easily get cuts that allow the bacteria to enter their body.

Vibrio can cause problems like fever, diarrhea, and skin infections. However, in severe cases and among the immuno-compromised, it could result in the loss of limbs and even death.

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