How to Reduce Your Risk of PID


Do you suffer from Pelvic Inflammatory disease or PID? This condition is more common than you think. PID is often triggered by a sexually transmitted disease. It is the leading cause of infertility in women.

Just like any type of inflammatory disease, PID worsens the longer it is left untreated. If you suffer from this condition, now is a good time to get treated. This report outlines the right treatments for the disease as well as tips to decrease your risk of PID.

Pelvic inflammatory disease (or PID), a type of bacterial infection that affects some women’s reproductive systems, is capable of causing damage to any part of the female genital tract. One unfortunate complication due to PID that some women experience is infertility (the inability to get pregnant). About 1 in 8 women with a history of PID will have trouble getting pregnant. Others who do become pregnant are at a higher risk for pregnancy-related complications. (1)

What is the most common cause for pelvic inflammatory disease? Experts believe that untreated sexually transmitted diseases, especially gonorrhea and chlamydia, are the number one reason why women develop PID. However some women develop PID even from “normal” common infections such as bacterial vaginosis.

Signs of pelvic inflammatory disease include pelvic pain, painful sex, fever and bleeding between periods. The good news is that like other STDs, pelvic inflammatory disease is usually preventable. Infections that are not sexually transmitted can sometimes cause PID. But there are ways to lower your risk for these types of infections too. Steps you can take to greatly reduce your odds of developing a pelvic infection, and dealing with associated consequences of PID, include practicing sex safe, treating STDs as soon as possible, and increasing your protection against infections by protecting the healthy flora that populate the genital tract.

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