Hollywood Actor Claims AIDS Cure Conspiracy

Is the government involved in a cover-up to keep an AIDS cure from being sold publicly? This is what actor and AIDS activist Charlie Sheen said in a revealing interview. 

Sheen, who made headlines for his erratic behavior after his TV stint, said the government and Big Pharma were conspiring to keep the AIDS cure from being available to profit from the disease.

The actor, who openly admitted having been infected with AIDS, said he is one lucky guy because he can afford conventional treatments but others cannot because of the atrocious prices.


Charlie Sheen has opened fire on Big Pharma, pointing out that the government owns the patent to “the cure for AIDS” but is “covering it up” to protect “the most ingenious criminal cartel of all time, the pharma racket.

Believe it or not, there is a cure for AIDS,” Charlie Sheen said at a promotional event in New York City for new film 9/11. “Our foul, stinking government is just covering it up.”

Sheen then opened his wallet and pulled out a piece of folded up paper. After carefully unfolding it, he read out the following number. “5676977. That’s the number of the patent. Google it,” he urged. “Blow your mind. That’s the patented cure for AIDS owned by the government that you were never told about. Part of the cure involves silver, go figure.”


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One comment on “Hollywood Actor Claims AIDS Cure Conspiracy”

  1. Since when does the US Government own patents on drugs? It is not a pharmaceutical company. The PTO issues patents to private individuals and corporations. I find the idea that the government itself would own a patent on a drug it did not develop is absurd and just wrong. The pharmaceutical that owns the patent to PREP should not own the patent because that drug was developed with assistance of US government resources, but somehow that pharma managed to patent what was not completely their intellectual property to begin with as was a fact brought out in a tense examination publicly by US Congresswoman Occassio Cortez who was questioning the CEO Of Gilead Pharmaceutical. SO, it is not an active government conspiracy. if anything its a private conspiracy to patent overpriced life-saving dugs and profiteer greatly of the research contribute to greatly by taxpayer funded research an the government is merely doing nothing about it. Government ineptitude is not the same thing as conspiracy on its part. Far from it. This is why the CEO of Gilead was questioned about their patent because some in government have taken notice of this abuse and are making plans to address this problem.

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