High Sugar Consumption Kills You On The Inside

A new study found that even perfectly healthy individuals are at risk of developing heart disease if they consume high sugar foods. Researchers found that a high sugar diet is particularly devastating to the heart, regardless of a person's health.

The findings reveal that individuals who consume more sugars have more fat in their blood compared to people who consume fewer sugars. A high sugar diet alters the body's fat metabolism and this increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

(Natural News) New research reveals that even healthy people who consume a high-sugar diet are prone to heart disease. To reach this conclusion, researchers from the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom examined two groups of men, 11 of whom had a fatty liver or also known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), while the remaining 14 were healthy. For 12 weeks, the study subjects were randomly fed one of two diets, a high-sugar diet or a low-sugar diet.

In the high-sugar diet, sugar accounted for 26 percent of total calories a day, while sugar accounted for only six percent in the low-sugar diet, which is close to the recommended intake per day. The researchers recorded the blood lipid and cholesterol levels of the study subjects at the end of the randomized cross-over study.

The findings, published in Clinical Science, showed that men with NAFLD had changes in their fat metabolism, in which they had significantly higher fat levels in their blood after consuming either the high or low-sugar diet.


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