Here's What Is Known About What The Vaccines Will Do To You


You may have noticed that the information I post is from information from quite a few sources but I do vet these sources. Well one of the best sources that you'll see is a German doctor named Dr Sucharit Bhakdi author along with his wife Dr Karina Reiss of the popular book "Corona False Alarm? Facts & Figures" translated to English mid last year.

Well Dr Bhakdi was recently interviewed by Alex Newman, Senior Editor of The New American magazine and his warning about the Covid-19 vaccines was quite dire.

He also shared the first chapter of his new book "Corona Unmasked" which has yet to be translated into English in it's entirety but this chapter has so you can get access to that right here:

Here's the interview followed by a letter from a concerned citizen which was forwarded to me by one of my subscribers. Clearly there is a lot of concern about the mass propaganda pushing unknowing people into submitting to a dangerous experimental study being conducted on the human population:

Denied Truth

This letter is directed at Health Care Professionals, Law Enforcement, Governments, Military, Employers and the General Public worldwide. 

The information presented within this document is based on drug manufactures information leaflets, publications and per reviews from health care professionals. This information is not mindless opinions based on a conspiracy.

I provide this information in order that as professionals within your respected employment fields and that the general public can make an informed decision on the safety and efficacy of the Covid 19 vaccines, and the lockdown measures being put in place which has had a devastating effect on businesses both large and small as well as the impact it has placed on the general public.

Please be aware that based on the points presented here the results of this untested and unproven injection would be genocide based on the following points:

The Sars Cov 2 virus was never isolated/purified anywhere worldwide nor is it based on any infected person dead or alive and instead was generated by looking at 37 base pairs out of 30,000, the reminder of the DNA sequencing was generated using computer software. 

The Covid 19 vaccine (regardless of manufacture) is EXPERIMENTAL and is not approved by the FDA nor MHRA, the safety efficacy of this vaccine will be concluded after January or February 2023 depending on the manufacture.

The Covid 19 vaccine does not prevent transmission nor infection. What the vaccine alleges is that it reduces the symptoms of a person with Covid 19 but only mild symptoms.

NHS and all medical personal that are actively involved in vaccination program are hiding away the truth that this so-called vaccine is experimental, meaning that us, people are participating in the massive experiment without having any knowledge, without having any information about the risks associated with this injection. Nobody in UK gave their consent for this experiment to be conducted.  

Hence, this is a direct violation of The Nuremberg Code that states: THE VOLUNTARY CONSENT OF the human subject is essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or cohesion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involves as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

EMA issued about 20 point regarding manufacturing and issued 23 recommendation regarding the quality of the product and gave Pfizer 6 months to make these improvements to be completed by July of 2021, yet without the full implementation of these protocols in place this vaccine is still being manufactured and administered.

According to the CDC website the survival rate of age group 0-49 is 99.9%, for the age group 50-69 is 99.5%, for the age group 70+ is 94.6%. Whereas effectiveness of the vaccine way bellow of your immune system’s ability to fight Covid-19. From the age 18 – 64 it has 89 – 98% effectiveness, for the age group 65 – 74 it is 53% effective, for the age group 75+ it is 0% effective. Yes 0%, you see it right!!!

Therefore, taking this vaccine is not beneficial in any way, but there are many side effects associated with this vaccine including death.

There are two lipid nanoparticles that are present in the vaccine. One of them cause anaphylaxis and the other one is very toxic due to its positive charge that makes proteins unfold and losing its function. It also can interact with the DNA since it is negatively charged due to the phosphate groups, making DNA strands brakes. They remain in our body for about 4-5 months and while they are there, we cannot confirm that we are safe.

Pfizer admitted that the vaccine contains DNA contaminants, meaning that there is a possibility to be integrated into the host cell nucleus during division of the cells. This means pregnant women and children are at high risk. Meaning, God help us if it happens.

In July 2020 EU legislation was changed to state that that GMO regulations are inapplicable to vaccines.

With the points presented within this document such reckless actions by governments and health care regulators and professionals can only be mass genocide. 

Such conduct must be prevented before more damage and threats to our survival as a species on the planet bring us as a civilization to a point of no return. I am therefore asking As professionals within your respected position of employment as mentioned above who have a legal and moral duty to “Do no harm” (Hierocratic Oath) and to serve and protect the public (Law Enforcement) and to be fair and equitable and uphold the common law principals (Law Courts) as well as to protect your country and other countries from enemies both foreign and domestic (Military operating within the United Nations) and to be able to provide informed consent  before taking any vaccine or other medications (General Public).

I am asking that people operating within a professional capacity take this letter serious and do their civil duty and serve and protect the public as whole instead of pushing the political narrative at the expense of everyone on a global scale.

Informed Concern Citizen 

Please share this far and wide with all your friends as this is clearly a very important message to get out there on a highly censored topic. And by the way I am an "Informed Concerned Citizen" however I did now write this however I believe it to be scientifically accurate based on my abilities of critical thinking and previous study.

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One comment on “Here's What Is Known About What The Vaccines Will Do To You”

  1. Listened to Dr Sucharit Bhakdi Interview. Knew this, but now I have finer detail.
    Could the Rife technology Zero in on this so called Vaccine and Neutralize IT?
    Thanks Joshua

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