Has Science Been Turned Into Prostition?


Having studied books such as "Science For Sale" it sure seems like it has. That book by David Lewis, the former EPA scientist turned whistleblower who revealed countless scandals under EPA including that of the biosludge phenomena. Biosludge was the technical name for what is literally chemical contaminated solid (human) waste that was (and still is from what I've heard) being sold as "organic fertilizer". This stuff was tested and had literally nearly every chemical known contained in it!

But prostitution?

It's not far off from reality - but since it's Funny Friday let's get some laughs out of these ideas.

I just ran across these videos from Dr T. and this one seems very appropriate:

FUN WITH SCIENCE (UPDATED) from Tom Nicholson on Vimeo.

But there's more. Since we all need to laugh sometimes and these are fun to share I figured I'd put them all on one post.

This next one sums up our government pretty well:

FUN WITH CIVICS (UPDATED) from Tom Nicholson on Vimeo.

And the final one addresses the monetary system in a very humorous way that is unfortunately quite accurate!

FUN WTH NUMBERS: "INFINITY" from Tom Nicholson on Vimeo.

Thank you to Tom Nicholson for creating these - can't wait for the next ones!

If you found these videos funny and helpful go ahead and share this post with all your friends to inspire more people to wake up! And feel free to comment below any feedback you have.

Photo By DonkeyHotey

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One comment on “Has Science Been Turned Into Prostition?”

  1. The prostitution and bastardization of science and the scientific are not new. Each of these in one way or another showed the willingness of so-called scientists to manipulate "science" for political, social, or financial gain: Evolution, Eugenics, AIDS/HIV, Tuskegee Experimentation, SARS, MERS, The Cancer Virus Research, Small Pox Blankets, the Flexner Report et cetera. Each of the former helped to lay the foundation for today's all-out scientific whoredom. Science and the scientific community have been for sale for a very long time.

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