The Full Story of the Profiteering off Covid-19


It feels like we're getting to a point like we were following 911 where the mainstream narrative is just falling to pieces before our eyes - the only challenge is that so many are still wearing "masks" over their eyes, maybe it just slipped up a little.

While the masks more often conveniently slip down so you can breathe a small bit of oxygen through your nose, this symbol of tyranny is at the root of why you owe it to yourself to watch this latest documentary.

And for the naysayers, you will barely see a hint of Dr. Judy Mikovits in this full release, but her story is very much part of this incredibly well-produced expose! Thank you to the filmmakers please support their work and go down this important rabbit hole.

This is again likely to be censored but lots of us are getting unblockable mirrors set up so if this video breaks it will be fixed!

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One comment on “The Full Story of the Profiteering off Covid-19”

  1. Thank you for a well organized and informing document. The history of Rockefeller and the manipulation of the media, educational systems and government will help everyone to have more clarity. Even though I already know all about everything covered in this podcast, the professionalism in this document was top notch, to say the least. Cheers!

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