Exosomes vs Viruses: Scientific Theories Explained


As the media narrative, about Covid-19 has been falling apart so miserably for the mainstream the hunger for real information has grown to a fever pitch. One of the concepts that has been getting a lot of attention is that of exosomes and how they relate to viruses.

The exosome theory goes like this: as your cells are exposed to various environmental toxins and other assaults they react by bundling up genetic material into what is basically a tiny protein ball. These are called exosomes and as they are carried out of your body they serve a few different purposes.

One thing they do is communicate to other cells information about the toxin or whatever other stressors that are causing the release of the exosomes. This helps other cells to prepare for the incoming assault. The other thing the exosomes are doing is helping the cells rebuild and repair by removing problematic genetic material - sort of a cleansing process.

That's the basic concept of exosomes but at its core, this is at the heart of even modern virology theory.

This video has a pretty creative way of explaining this in laypersons terminology so check it out. Thanks to Mikey Landings for creating this video.

And in case you haven't subscribed to Del Bigtree's The Highwire yet his recent episode was as hard-hitting as usual. This one was briefly censored based on a Copywrite violation because of some news clip that was used but they got it solved and got it reposted.

In it, he comments on two senate hearings that took place on both May 11 and May 12, 2020, and May 

Among those that testified there were Rand Paul who suggests that there likely won't be a surge in sickness if we go ahead and open up the entire economy. He specifically disputes the position of Dr. Anthony Fauci but he was one of the few controversial voices among those that work for the government who testified on May 12.

On May 11, 2020, however, the story was completely different as there were a number of smart doctors who believe enough is enough and we should get on with our lives.

In this hearing you'll see Scott W. Atlas, MD (Stanford University Medical Center) who says we need to stop doubling down on hypothetical models and stop underestimating empirical data and established medical science. "Science and logic must prevail over fear and worst-case scenarios." And "It is not logical that younger age groups must somehow be isolated or maintain a six foot spacing from each other. If the infection in low-risk groups is so prevalent, which it is, socializing represents the opportunity for developing the widespread immunity of eradicating the threat to the vulnerable." "This total isolation policy prevents broad population immunity. We know from decades of medical science that the population develops immunity while acquiring antibodies."

And John Ioannidis, MD professor from Stanford University says perpetuation of lockdowns may risk many lives.

Daniel L. Katz, MD Founding Director Yale University Medical Center says we need the virus to circulate among people who can safely get it and create antibodies and build immunity to it.

Another topic that was covered was Governor Andrew Cuomo back-peddling on his previous directive to force Nursing homes in New York to take Covid-19 positive patients without refusal. Two months after this directive he reversed the decision on his ridiculous law. Del and Jefferey Jaxen discuss Cuomo's waffling on this law with lack of any apology for his negligence which likely led to many deaths of the elderly.

Del Bigtree also interviews Delores Cahill, PhD about her research which is quite extensive since she has a background of decades of scientific work. This came up after he slammed Matthew McConaughey for making a really dumb video and creating a "Just Keep Livin" foundation which seems to blindly accept a gross overreach of elimination of our civil rights.

Another subject of commentary is Elon Musk's threat to move his Tesla factory out of California and relocate to Texas if they didn't allow him to reopen his factory. His threat worked because he was allowed to open the factory and didn't move to Texas.

Ventura County, California also made some ridiculous reporting which essentially stated that they would remove individuals from households that tested positive if they didn't have enough bathrooms in the home for quarantine. This had to do with "community contact tracing" and the Health Director of Ventura County CA made such vague statements about how this quarantine would work and didn't say if children would be taken away from their parents or not!

The controversy on Ventura County had to do with the fact that this Health Director didn't say anything about the quarantine being voluntary.

Here are the Senate Committee Hearings from May 11, and May 12, 2020, so you can see the contrast between the doctors who say to get on with life and the government officials who are just spreading fear over statistics and talking about vaccines, vaccines, and more vaccines:

Del covers the Pharma drive to create a mandatory adult vaccination long before the Covid-19 thing every came up which puts this whole vaccine agenda into perspective. Is there a conflict of interest with Dr. Anthony Fauci and the creation of a Coronavirus vaccine?

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11 comments on “Exosomes vs Viruses: Scientific Theories Explained”

  1. Get a Rife Machine, got to dnafrequencies.com & get the set for C-19 Or follow the Bob Beck protocol that kills viruses. This AMA BS has to be Fully Exposed to All Intelligent people.

  2. This is insane knowing the virus doesn’t live in sunshine. Why don’t these states revolt against this government shutdowns of their rights. Our forefathers took on England for heaven’s sake!!

  3. Re new video comeing out after editing please NO background music makes like pop video and hard to hear what is said for people with hearing problems.Dont have music on the News!
    If not possible please put sub titles so can be watched with sound off. Many thinks.

  4. Fauci sees no conflict
    He can please Bill Gates by depopulation
    Help 5g and satellites track us useless eaters
    Make room for more golf courses
    And make a buck... Where's the conflict?

  5. There are experts outlining how this 'virus' could be an exosome and how the tests are not trustworthy to diagnose Covid 19. Besides that, and possibly because of that, we see news constantly of testing errors for compiling data. Also, flu statistics show a terrible death rate in the flu season of 2019/2020. I want this audience to know that residents of NYS Nursing Homes are still being mistreated with draconian measures loosely defined as: solitary confinement, indoors, with no visitors, essential staff only (below minimum standards) ongoing since early March 2020. The DOH admittedly doesn't look into filed complaints except those around covid 19. Most residents under this policy of 'protection from covid19, are ignored for hours with no oversight for their care. Their suffering and death from neglect and isolation goes unreported. My Mom is 95, suffering through, to be able to have her life back one day. Please help

  6. thank you for this excellent presentation and information. I am subscribed to Del Bigtree. My granddaughter (33 yrs old) put me on to him. I am forwarding this write-up and the video explaining
    what we are truly dealing with. The reason Fauci is taking a different stand on this planneddemic is
    because he wants America to fail. Simple and in our face. Thanks, again!

  7. Yep, something was turned on, on a global level, and our bodies are doing their best to acclimate to this new stimulus that has activated our exsosome response system. No mask or self-quarantine efforts will help since this is not a viral outbreak, it is an environmental change that has been done by design. Unfortunately, whatever vaccine is created to deal with the supposed virus will only result in shutting down our body's natural exosome response system. This is, of course, by design also.

  8. Some of the embedded Youtube videos on the page are no longer available. Could you please share their titles? And other places we can view them? Thanks so much for putting this together

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