Excess Deaths or Rebranding of Disease?


We all hear reports about how many people have died from this pandemic and of course it's natural to be empathetic about anyone losing their life. Unfortunately the situation that has arisen has arguably made it miserable for many of our elderly population and simply not seeing their family takes a toll on their well being and can account for some of the pre-mature death if there has been some.

But has there been excess death?

Some would brush that off and just say "of course there has, in the US there have been over 550,000 deaths" but it has been stated that the majority of these deaths has been related to various co-morbidities.  You've probably already heard of the stories of a motorcycle accident where there had been a recent positive PCR test for covid thus "Covid-19" was written on the death certificate!

You will see this when there is a financial incentive for it due to public funds allocated to institutions who are treating and losing (sometimes due to poor choices in treatment options!) patients. These institutions get larger shares of these government funds when they have had more treatment of Covid-19 patients.

You also may not be aware but "rebranding" of disease has a rather long and morbid history. One example of this goes back to the early days of HIV/AIDS in Africa. After all in Africa the definition of AIDS is completely different than in North America and other locations. A study from 1995 reported that the antibodies from Leprosy and Tuberculosis had cross-reactivity to HIV (O. Kashala, et al. Infection with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and human T cell lymphotropic viruses among leprosy patients and contacts: correlation between HIV-1 cross-reactivity and antibodies to lipoarabinomannan" J Infect Dis 1995 Feb;171(2):502-4).

What this means is that what would be diagnosed prior to the AIDS era as leprosy or tuberculosis would now be diagnosed as "AIDS" thus rebranding existing disease as a new syndrome. Much more details on this story including how this tactic was essentially use to medicalize poverty in Africa starting in the 1990's and this has continued to this day. Read more on this in "AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire" by Nancy Turner Banks, MD where the above reference was quoted from.

So why does an "AIDS" diagnosis mean something completely different in Africa than in North America? Based on my studies including the well articulated book quoted above it is because the supposed HIV virus antibodies cross react with over 70 different conditions and the "antibody test" is actually simply a test that measure a level of immune compromise and not for a specific virus at all. Whether the immune dysfunction is due to immune-suppressive drugs, chronic exposure to diamond mines in Africa or other such conditions is clearly relevant but this is not taken into account because AIDS happens to be another political disease syndrome that is used differently in various parts of the world.

The point here is the rebranding of disease has been used for political gain at least for decades and likely much longer.

In our current "pandemic" we see it in the obvious disappearance of cases of the flu. Don't forget we never had a common test for the flu. After all these PCR based tests are such a joke in terms of actual diagnostics prior to 2020 most people wouldn't have considered a "diagnostic" for a perfectly healthy person. Prior to 2020 most of the sicknesses that are now called Covid-19 would have simply been called the flu in past years.

This is referred to as a relabeling of the actuarial tables.

And to think that the flu is exactly the same each year is an error. It always varied year to year and incidentally with respiratory congestion it has always been quite common to have a lack of smell and taste so that's nothing new.

Add to this the fact that most people that are evaluating how many people died in 2020 compared to previous years neglect the overall size of the population as well as where the age of the majority of the population sits in the particular year being evaluated. It's not an equal comparison when elderly populations are taking up larger and larger portions of the population.

The percentage of deaths per the various age groups is what really should be evaluated but this is neglected by most reporters in order to push fear and drive various agendas forward.

When this is taken into account the data from 2020 doesn't actually look so bad.

Here's a related video from David Knight which will share some additional perspective on this subject:

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