Everyone Should Be Protesting This From Happening!

Wireless technology has been implemented worldwide at an alarming rate. With such a mass adoption of any technology there's some things that should be understood about the industry behind it.

Because of the outcome of the lawsuits against the tobacco companies decades ago the insurance companies refused to back the wireless industry. This means they are literally self-insured!

What happens when you sue a company that is self-insured?

What has been happening is these lawsuits are stalled in the court systems in the US as government corruption essentially keeps the industry afloat. You see if these cases were decided on against the industry they would be crippled.

Now that the new Generation of wireless technology called 5G has been developed the industry is doing their best to push it through implementation in select cities, first in Europe then in the US in the latter part of 2018.

So why is 5G needed?

What the industry would like you to believe is that 5G is needed to fill in coverage gaps for phones in rural areas.

This is far from the truth...

Is it for self-driving vehicles?

Actually, self-driving vehicle companies have already been testing prototypes built on existing wireless infrastructure so that's not it either! Ultimately it's not just to give you faster download speeds either...

3G tried to make smart phones work, 4G actually accomplished this goal. 5G is about what they call the "Internet of Things" (IOT for short) and it's about connecting everything electrical in your home to a wireless infrastructure which will track your usage and sell that data to the highest bidder (for advertising and potentially surveillance use).

Smart meter infrastructure is what is paving the way for the idea of a so-called "Smart Home" where all things in the home can be controlled remotely - but the problem is this involves a lot of wireless energy and a ton of data flow.

Contrary to what the industry (and some gov't regulations) say many individuals are highly sensitive to the microwaves transmitted from wireless devices and have become ill from exposure.

Technically 5G uses higher frequencies (in the range of 30-100 GHz) in order to expand the bandwidth limitations of 4G to collect the huge amount of data from all these transmitting appliances. Unfortunately, because these higher frequency ranges don't transmit long distances efficiently many millions of new transmitters need to be installed closer and closer to where you live in order to implement this technology.

The 5G frequencies primarily work with "line of sight" functionality meaning they don't transmit through walls efficiently. This also increases the number of transmitters needed to implement this technology.

As the new 5G technology gets closer to the rollout in select cities in the US some companies have already started to market hardware which sounds like 5G but actually isn't such as the "G5" router. It's not likely that this technology will ever be replacing existing technology, because 4G is actually much more efficient than the proposed 5G.

Now in Spain as the rollout gets closer a human chain protest has been organized:

During the morning, the auditorium of the Vicerrector Santiago Hidalgo de la UVa building was the scene of a series of presentations by international scientists who agreed on the effects on health, and also on the natural environment, of electromagnetic waves.

In this sense, Ceferino Maestu, from the Center for Biomedical Technology of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, explained that while legislation emphasizes thermal effects there is evidence of biological effects related to diseases.

On the implementation of 5G it was reported that an antenna will be installed for every ten blocks of housing and legislation protects companies in terms of the disclosure of their location. On the other hand, until its generalization it will coexist with other systems such as 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi.

Among the  main conclusions: EU legislation allows limits of up to 450 microwatts per square centimeter when the scientific recommendation and resolution 1815 of the Council of Europe is 0.1 microwatts.

This expert said that there are studies that indicate that this new technology is approaching levels with thermal effects that generate pathologies of central sensitization: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, electrosensitivity and are even  related to brain tumors or leukemia, a risk also indicated by Annie J. Sasco, an expert from international cancer research organizations and David Carpenter, director of a health institute in Albany (USA).

White areas/zones

Several of the speakers expressed the need to demand the establishment of white areas in the city; for example, schools, public squares, libraries, etc., but the EU is opposed because it clashes with its policy of universal access to the internet, which it co-finances.

On Saturday, June 16, 2018, a human chain will be formed across the city of Segovia, Spain. This event will occur after a day of presentations by scientists from Spain, France, Canada, and the United States. Following this event, on June 17, there will be a day of conversation, round tables, and workshops.
( via Arthur Firstenberg)

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  1. Please can we do this in every city globally please help me set this up for Oxford,England they have been testing it here for a few years.My internet box had 3 g and 5 g and every night around midnight it would switch to the 5 g signal .this needs to be stopped

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