Electromagnetic Pneumonia - Is It Possible?


This was a video I originally posted in April which was eventually censored even though I'm referencing a rather well respected, published scientist (albeit with a rather differing conclusion from his detailed expose)

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This video was originally uploaded as "Corona Pneumonia Electromagnetic Causation Scientific Proof" back in April 2020. In the original video (this has been re-edited) I review a paper that was published by Martin Pall, PhD Biochemist and Professor Emeritus from Washington State University where he discussed VGCC (voltage gated calcium channel) activation in the progression of Pneumonia. Pall is also well known for his published research on VGCC activation from electromagnetic exposure as emitted by telecommunications and other technology.

As it turns out calcium channel blockers are used to slow the progression of Pneumonia and these drugs save a percentage of Pneumonia deaths by avoiding sepsis which is why these calcium channel blocking drugs are used.

I thought this was an interesting line of research so I made this video and have since updated it with further discussion of this topic in light of how things have progressed.

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Original Martin Pall paper:

Please share your thoughts on this below in the comments as I posted this specifically so I can hear other opinions on this subject.

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2 comments on “Electromagnetic Pneumonia - Is It Possible?”

  1. Appreciated your video; keep up the good work. Am just getting caught up in this reality. Have been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer; have been interested in following the Rife story, when will it be restored? JWF

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