Dr Zandre Botha Post Vax Detox Protocol


Of course we can't make any claims or guarantees that this protocol will work but Dr Zandre Botha showed some great before and after live blood images from some of her patients and it looks quite impressive.

We'll share the images here as well as the video clip and the protocol notes which I took that you can use as a starting point to understand the concept behind this approach:


  • Anti-coagulant – thrombocyte or curcumin high doses garlic aspirin (if not allergic)
  • Ivermectin: 12mg pd/5 days then 12mg/once per week
  • NAC 500mg 3x pd
  • Oxygen Capsules / Molecular Hydrogen Caps
  • Zeolite detox
  • Nano Colloidal Silver (drink and nebulize)
  • Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2 also called MMS)
  • Vitamin D 5000mcg (5000 mcg = 5mg which is still a high dose but it's somewhat common for short periods of time - also note that vitamin D is commonly measured in IU which stands for international units and 2.5 mcg of vitamin D is equivalent to 100 IU of vitamin D so check your labels)
  • Alkaline Powder (? there's plenty of options here including Baking Soda but it wasn't clear exactly what she meant)
  • "Miracle Booster" (Chlorella, Spirulina, Moringa, Black seed, Barley Grass, Beet Root Powder, and other superfoods) for DNA repair


  • Molecular Hydrogen
  • Ozone Therapy (IV or blood)
  • Rife Therapy (DNA & ATP Repair we will explore this in updates or future posts)
  • Cold Laser Therapy for Stem Cell Rejuvenation

Note: The video follows these images below!

Here's the before and after images she shared which I was quite impressed by. These are approximately 6 months apart but the improvements are said to start after a few weeks:

And here is the video interview clip:

Please share this post with any of your friends and family members that have regrets about getting their vax and maybe this will help them at least have some hope for the future.

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16 comments on “Dr Zandre Botha Post Vax Detox Protocol”

  1. Do you have a list of doctors who will follow your protocol? My friend in Oregon wants to get well from her vaccination.

    1. No I don't sorry Ginger. That's not my protocol that was Dr Botha's protocol which she shared on the video I just transcribed it onto the post along with her video.

  2. You are so right about the Falseness of this 'Pandemic'. Look at Life Expectancy...in 1918 during the Spanish Flu, the life expectancy dropped 8 years ( from 55 to 47 ), a 14.8 % DROP! Look at 2020...how much of a drop? None, it went up! People were living LONGER during 2020 pandemic. I'm sure it's dropping now with vaccinations which they will blame on Covid. Interesting to note, Live Expectancy went DOWN in the US between 2015 and 2018 so it SHOULD go down at least SOME during a Pandemic.

  3. dr.Botha ,bless you and your god giving talents,i,ve been so concerned for my family especially my son becuse he is a marine and was pressured and tricked into getting injected we,re going to try all of your recammendations,so far your the only one who is doing something bless you..

  4. Vitamin c iv are the a huge help especially in cancer . Basically lemon juice cleaning out your veins and body exaggeration but best detox naturopaths charge 209 cad for this and doing regular colonics and fasting is huge

  5. In Canada working with naturapaths I've seen naturopaths heal many from all types of cancers sta4 etc .and heart disease it's completely different than a doctor they examine what is missing nutrients body needs to fully function immune system .Clearing liver is huge doing 18 hour fast and vegetable organic green juicing no sugars dairy bread .

  6. Hi Dr. Botha,

    What does dmg (Dimethyl Glyeine) do to the shot/Vax.? What does it do to the blood of Vaxed people?

    1. Sorry Dr Botha isn't here we reported on her research.
      I use DMSO but haven't seen any specifics about DMSO and the jabs but sulfur is an important mineral for detox whether it's in the form of DMSO or Organic Sulfur/MSM.

  7. I’ve heard Dr Zandre was in an accident. I hope she is safe & ok. She is a true hero and a wonderful human on this earth. Donna

  8. She never said 5000mg and 5000mcg is 500mg, not 5mg.
    Geezzzzz, get with it, she said 500mg so your fear mondering about the dosage is ridiculous and uncalled for. Putting question/doubt into people's minds and not re-presenting the figures/dosages correctly is careless.

    1. Look I'm not going to get in an argument with you Periklis but at the time I simply transcribed what she said in the video and she does have a decent accent and I had included numerous disclaimers about the "mg" sentiment. I suspect she actually meant 5000 mcg and not 500 mg like you said and if you are going to get semantic on me actually you are wrong in your statement 5000 mcg IS NOT equivalent to 500 mg it's actually equivalent to 5 mg so you might want to get your conversions clear before you troll me for "fear mongering" and "carelessness".

      I have updated the post and to be clear my only carelessness that could be argued is to post something like that about 1.5 years ago and not go back and update it for so long with a more solid number. That being said I've got a lot to do and generally don't update a lot of the posts. There were also ample disclaimers on the amount and plenty of good docs have suggested 50,000 IU of vitamin D daily for short periods of time (Dr Tenpenny for example) such as 4 days. That would be equivalent to 1500 mcg, which again, is quite a high dose but not nearly as high as the 5000 mcg that seems like what Dr Botha was suggesting.

  9. In a free society everyone is responsible for their own due diligence . That said all the bickering over dosage is ridiculous, the information sends you in the right direction and then you make an informed decision. This information must be spread far and wide , we are losing too many people . Anyone heard of monoclonal antibodies and k ow what they are ? And why you can't find them a anymore? It was curing people with symptoms , it is anti-venom , what they give snake bite victims , hmmmm Check out Dr Bryan Ardis and his protocol with nicotine gum , simply brilliant! Spread this far and wide

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