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This is a huge problem right now since the hospitals and clinics all over the US are pushing Remdesivir as a standard protocol for anyone diagnosed with Covid-19. This is a very harmful drug that had previously failed in a clinical trial for Ebola because 53% of the participants in the trial died. After this immense failure it took a fraud like Anthony Fauci to push Remdesivir to become the standard of care for Covid-19 under an EUA.

This drug is still deadly and had many repercussions even for people that manage to survive the hospital stay. This video shares a protocol that may work for some people to help restore dysfunctional kidney and liver function.

After the video you'll see notes taken from this video for your convenience in trying to replicate this method. Links will be added to this page when we can get it updated.

Decreased energy difficulty breathing, headaches:

Methylated Folate B9
Methycobalamin B12
Good B-Complex should have these

Can't get O2 levels up – Still fatigued, etc.
Standard Process Cardio Plus

Liver and Kidney Function Damage:
If sinus pressure is persistent and not draining:
Milk Thistle Herb or Extract

If ALT numbers continue to increase in your blood report:
Standard Process Hepatrophin PMG

2-3 month process of repair but relief should come sooner than that.

Taurine for heart and nerve function.

Swelling & Pitting Edema in legs w/o discoloration (water retention):
Kidney Improvement:
Standard Process Phosphoric Acid
Standard Process AC Carbamide

Breathe Free ArdisLabs.com for lung improvement

Also, Standard Process Cardio Plus for people who were born premature and have Asthma and lungs which are not fully developed no matter the age. They are told the Asthma will be permanent but this product is healing the lung tissue.

Please note that Standard Process is a professional brand so it's a bit more difficult to find online and may require a telemedicine call with a Naturopath or Doctor in order to place your order but it's worth it to save your family member or friend. We will update this post with links when we can.

Thank you for reading. If you find this post useful please share it with your friends and family and get the word out about this. Also jump into the comments below with your thoughts.

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4 comments on “Dr Bryan Ardis Post-Remdesivir Kidney Liver Detox Protocol SteelTruth”

  1. Thank you, This is very helpful.
    My 89 year old father was in hospital with the C V 19 virus. He was given the initial dose of Remdesovir, and then his Liver was stressed so it was stopped. His ALT became 444. His AST went up to 301. I screamed on the phone when I was told he was given this, even though I realize the nurse was not at fault. The nurse said he agreed to taking it. I am sure he was tired and just wanted out of the hospital.

    He did make it home, and I am hoping the standard process product may help him.

  2. I went to the hospital because my oxygen was very low and I passed out and my kids insisted. I wasn't well enough to make decisions so my daughter told the doctors not to give me any meds except ones she approved. I found out a couple months later, when I started asking why I was dealing with some weird issues (jaw stopped working, gasping for breath),they had given me remdesivir.
    I get SO discouraged. It has been 2 years and I am still dealing with up and down energy, low stamina, instability, and emotional sensitivities. I can't do a lot, but try to be grateful for being able to walk down the hall. I am older, but is this still the remdesivir effecting me? I am an grandmother, an artist, writer - and I miss my life Thank you! Anita Cannon

  3. Thank you. I enjoy watching your amazing interviews! We have a health advisor that uses only Standard equipment and nutrition. I real blessing. Anita

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