Doubling Down on Tyranny


As the war narrative runs full throttle distracting the public from the last two years of global lockdown tyranny the criminals who have perpetrated the fraud and deception of the public through a concerted media effort now hide behind the wall of war.

Since this site is not about reporting on politics but rather exclusively on health related topics we won't go deep into the politics of war. However, sanctions related to the war are likely to cause problems in the food supply especially in certain parts of the world that rely on Ukrainian food crops and Russian fuel and fertilizer supplies.

This combined with the grand solar minimum is nearly certain to lead to dismal food crops for the fall of 2022.

We encourage thoughtful planning for the coming year in this regard as currently in many regions of the world bulk foods are still readily available at un-inflated prices. There are some exceptions where prices have already increased substantially on certain meats.

California is one of the states that leads the rest of the country in their policy decisions and they currently have 12 very harmful bills pending that need to be shut down. Senator Richard Pan is one of the leaders of this pharma promoting tyranny.

One of the biggest voices of reason from California in this regard has been Amy Bohn and here is a recent interview Del Bigtree did with Amy:

If you can make it April 10th to the massive rally visit

How does California get away with pushing forward these horrific bills that have the potential to eliminate informed consent and vaccine exemptions?

This is largely pushed by controlled media that is essentially owned by pharma that has pushed the court of public opinion towards the mainstream narrative.

One of the best investigative journalists that I've seen consistently reporting on this has been Jefferey Jaxen with the Jaxen Report and here is his latest report:

The floodgates are shifting on that public opinion as the public realizes more and more how biased the media is pushing just one narrative and cancels anyone that disagrees with it. A former executive of British television from Sky News and ITV, Mark Sharman, has recently been discussing the corruption in media.

Here's a recent interview he did with Del Bigtree:

The other piece of recent news worth mentioning is the highly publicized piece of "investigative journalism" by Vanity Fair about the tax-payer funded Ecohealth Alliance fraud. In this extended article they go on and on about the controversy about the lab origin of "the virus" and how public opinion was manipulated by Fauci and NIH Director Francis Collins.

Personally I'm sick of all this meaningless discussion because most of us are well aware at this point of all the fraud perpetrated by Ecohealth Alliance and the fact is that there is no proof that any single virus is the true cause of the symptom complex described at "Covid-19".

If you deny that point and expect a reference keep in mind one cannot prove a negative so I challenge you to provide a link in the comments to a scientific reference that proves a viral cause for so the toxicity of so called "Covid-19". It frankly doesn't exist but prove me wrong if you disagree.

This is the same reason I was open to reading but skeptical about the position of Dr Richard Fleming. I read his book but his point was lacking due to the lack of proof in the first place that "virus hunting" made any difference aside from steering public opinion. When he finally came out declaring "there is no graphene oxide in covid shots" despite many independent microscopy analysts showing details proof of it's existence he became controlled opposition in my book.

So without proof that "Covid-19" is caused by one particular virus all this heated debate about the fraudulent funding of the Wuhan Lab by Ecohealth Alliance and the lab vs natural origin of "the virus" which is referred to as SARS-Cov-2 is completely meaningless and just a distraction.

Truth be told the so called "Virus Hunters" have been scheming to blame environmental toxicity on unseen viruses for decades in order to obfuscate liability for polluters of the environment.

We live in a world with more pollution than ever before and it comes in many new forms such as aerial sprayed nano-toxins, abundant electromagnetic pollution, toxic injections created by companies with little or no liability (none unless fraud is proven), etc.

So why isn't Vanity Fair writing about this?

My opinion is that they're just another mainstream news outlet posing as an alternative source of news while covertly steering the narrative so be careful where you get your news and try to know who pulls their strings.

Here's some comment on that story by Dr David Martin. Some people are skeptical of his work but he does seem to be exposing a lot of the corruption:

So what's really important and where do we go from here?

Dr Jeffery Barke MD is an outspoken primary care physician in California who has some good things to say critical on childrens lockdown and vaccination standing up for protecting our children:

And to learn more about the upcoming DefeatTheMandates rally in LA on April 10th check out this recent interview Del Bigtree did with Josh Coleman the founder of and consider joining the upcoming rally!

I know this is a packed post but there was a lot to cover so I hope this is helpful and useful for sharing with your friends and family.

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Thank you for reading all of this. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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One comment on “Doubling Down on Tyranny”

  1. Good day to ALL. As a driver of commercial class 8 vehicle, I can say without hesitation that California by far leads the pack in drafting up bills that are most harmful throughout the rest of the country in controlling an industry and the society at large. Some bills pass and some don't. This state is a haven for the Elitist Mentality. These potential mandates are a direct assault on the next generation,ourchildren. It is time,time to resist these lies that are being perpetrated By evil corrupted individuals. They have made their choice in this life To perpetuate an agenda that in my opinion is not healthy for the human race. I for one choose life And the freedom to worship the Lord God And his only begotten son Christ Jesus are a Lord.

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