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Did Dr Mike Yeadon Get Red Pilled?


To clarify this headline if Dr Mike Yeadon did get red pilled it had to be at least a year ago but he does seem to be going deeper down the rabbit hole in his recent interviews, especially considering his history as a high level Vice President of a division of Pfizer.

Dr Yeadon has been sounding the alarm about the dangers of the covid shots and the lies about PCR testing, suppression of effective covid remedies and now discusses the road to "Permanent Totalitarianism" if we don't stop the vaccine passports. His point in this regard is that because the covid shots don't prevent the spread of any virus there is no "protective" effect in knowing everyone around you is "vaccinated".

This is why Yeadon explains that the so called "vaccine passports" are truly just an excuse for a new digital ID and this is where he is now in alignment with other so called "red-pilled" individuals.

Understanding this is getting to the core of the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 protocol.

Here's why I've decided to catch up on Dr Mike Yeadon's recent interviews. Let's start with the shortest one:

And here is the shortened version of the recent interview that Reiner Fuellmich did with Dr Yeadon:

And here is the full interview of the above in case you want to dig deeper:

There's also a decent summary of his perspective on this ~19 minute interview from a UK news outfit:

In the Reiner Fuellmich interview (above) Yeadon mentioned his interview from last year on The Highwire with Del Bigtree and that was a great interview still largely relevant so here's that one:

As usual all these videos are available and you can subscribe to our bitchute channel here:

Yeah that was a lot but here is another Doctor and scientist who's credentials are hard to refute and he's sounding the alarm that this needs to stop.

Please share this with any of your friends or family who are still considering getting boosters and help get the word out as far as we can.

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