Danger In The Skies | Mandates Crashing Airline Industry


One of the big news stories this week is the airline industry collapsing under an agenda to push an experimental and toxic injection into all of their employees. This is sparking walkouts by air traffic controllers and organized "sick days" in protest of these illegal corporate mandates.

Southwest airlines cancelled 1800 flights on Monday claiming it was due to the weather.

Southwest is experiencing turbulence. Over the weekend, the Texas-based airline canceled over 1,800 flights. Monday was no better: almost 400 more flights were canceled. A corporate spokesman, Alan Kasher, blamed the catastrophic interruption in business on bad weather in Florida and "issues" with air traffic control.

His claim was met with immediate disbelief, as the Federal Aviation Administration countered that no ATC staffing shortages were reported over the weekend, and competitor airlines flying in the same regions only canceled a tiny fraction of their own flights. The real reason for the cancellations is an open secret, despite Kasher’s reticence in acknowledging it. Southwest's pilots and crews have been given a vaccine mandate, and they’re simply not having it.

It sure isn't looking like a great time to visit a hospital, or fly on an airplane!

Just today, on Good Morning America, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly spun the bad news like a turbine, citing “no evidence” that his company’s disastrous past few days had any connection with the vaccine ultimatum he’d handed down to his workforce. It does, of course, and Kelly knows it...

The union for Southwest's 9,000 pilots denies an organized protest, sick-out, or shutdown, and that’s true. These individuals acting out of conscience are a loose confederation of colleagues at best. They’ve been told by Southwest suits that “the federal directive gives little latitude for input or choice.” They rejected that assertion, are rejecting it, and will continue to reject it.

Perhaps the most baffling aspect of the entire scenario is the fact that there isn't even a rule with which Southwest Airlines is complying. When President Biden delivered his ultimatum in September, lawmakers and legal scholars were dubious. Many wondered how Biden intended to give teeth to his speech, as he's not a part of any legislative body. His answer: use the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to define vaccination as a workplace safety concern and issue a rule accordingly.

Regardless of the small agency's legal standing to accomplish such a legislative workaround, or its ability to subsequently enforce it, a more foundational problem remains for Southwest and other employers: OSHA has not yet made such a rule, much less navigated the legal challenges already being made.

Another organized protest of these totalitarian corporate medical coercion was started by a pilot that believes in medical freedom. He is not an anti-vaxxer but believes that airline employees should have the right to make their own medical decisions (as everyone does).

It's called USFreedomFlyers.org and here is their introduction video:

This doesn't appear to be all that's going on in the Airline industry among the illegal mandates pushing these jabs on it's employees. Reportedly a Delta pilot died recently in flight shortly after his second jab and the flight was emergency landed by the co-pilot!

As more and more of these stories on the inside of the airline industry get reported we will cover them including the confirmation of what's covered in this video:

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