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First of all it is very clear that none of the covid shots are technically vaccines. We used this title in case you are new to this subject that this can be a useful resource.

For the last few weeks I've been rather overwhelmed with information coming in about the harms being caused by these shots. Normally I'm able to cull through this information and write up a post at least once per week but lately just keeping up with all the info (while running the business that I run) has maxed me out.

So this post will attempt to share as much of that backlog of information about the shots, the damage, the spike protein in the shots, transfection, the shots as bioweapons of mass depopulation, elite agendas, etc.

Of course one of the biggest news items that came up in these last few weeks was the Fauci email FOI release and this came right on the heels of reading a couple not so recent books that relate to these subjects. Fear of the Invisible by Janine Roberts and "AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire The Virus of International Greed" by Nancy Turner Banks. These two books set the stage for what our world is going through right now and I encourage you to read both of them.

The bottom line is the for decades industry and greed has hid the fact that viruses have been a scapegoat for hiding toxic environmental causes of disease. As more and more information about the toxicity of the spike proteins in all of the shots has revealed itself especially the report from the prestigious (at least this makes certain so called "science" folks take note and actually pay attention to it) Salk Institute (from Jonas Salk of polio vaccine fame- more about that in future posts) about the toxicity of the spike protein that is being injected!

The Salk Institute reported on a paper published in the journal Circulation Research which indicated that the spike protein itself (in isolation from SARS-COV-2) damages cells triggering vascular disease. The way I see it even if this condition was originally just a respiratory disease once the spike protein is injected into muscle tissue it clearly affects the vascular system in profoundly negative ways and this was a dangerous path to venture in this grand human experiment. This has been discussed by Dr Sucharit Bhakdi and we've reported on this in previous posts on .


Yes, it is clear now that the spike protein itself which is being injected by the billions into all covid jab recipients is a universal toxin. Of course this is in addition to all the other toxic material in the various shots such as SM102 (an ingredient which is not considered safe for consumption even orally - yet it's part of a "proprietary formula" at least in the Moderna shots but pharma still may be hiding some of the ingredients in these and others under the "proprietary" information moniker).

What's going on with this seems completely sinister. While it sounds over the top to think that there is a global agenda to kill off a large swath of the population with an injection, is it really? Consider the history (Project Paperclip, etc.) which imported Nazi war criminals into the top ranks of military intelligence in the US after WWII; and consider those individuals pulling the strings to covertly orchestrate an elite agenda that goes back to the Eugenics agendas of the early 20th century. Once all that is factored in it really doesn't sound all that outlandish but does sound like the plot of an evil comic book movie out of Hollywood.

Bottom line is that if you've already had one or more of these shots, just stop and don't get anymore!

As we learn more healthy living and similar protocols to what you've likely already been hearing about (Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquin, Zinc, Quercetin, etc.) may work.

I've personally been doing fennel seed tea daily (made with an espresso maker) as well as strong orange peel tea (apparently this is a way to make "organic quinine") after hearing about that from Dr Lee Merritt on one of the zoom calls that Dr Sherri Tenpenny and Dr Polevsky do called "Critically Thinking with Dr T and Dr P which is a great call every Thursday which I get on as often as I can.

I just lightly wash the organic citrus (3-4 oranges) before eating them then instead of tossing the peel just simmer them in a pot for a few hours then keep it covered and let it cool. This can then be refrigerated and it makes a rather strong bioflavanoid/quinine tea (depending on the ratio of peels/water). Then I dilute it at least 2:1 with water when drinking it because I make it pretty strong but that part is up to you if you decide to research this stuff on your own.

I'll share more info when I have it on all this stuff but it's my understanding that taking this with quercetin, zinc (and tonic water is a source of quinine that you can get just about anywhere instead of making it from citrus peel) is an easy and natural alternative to the HCQ protocol.

Another important point that has come up recently which may or may not be true is about the testing and that instructions have been given for the testing companies to run the PCR for under 28 cycles (less likely to test positive) for people that have had a shot and 35 to 40 cycles for people who HAVE NOT had a shot. This means they are hiding positive test results for the vaccinated and amplifying (that's exactly what the additional cycles do!) positive test results for non-vaccinated individuals.

I've personally been highly skeptical of PCR testing as any sort of diagnostic from the beginning because this test is highly manipulative and no matter what the CT (cycle threshold) a positive test really means nothing when it comes to infection. The inventor (Kary Mullis, deceased in 2019) was a Nobel Laureate for this invention but insisted it should not be used for diagnostics of an illness and had an ongoing feud with Tony Fauci. I would not be the least bit surprised if this manipulation of testing differently for those vaccinated vs un-vaccinated were further manipulating this already useless data regardless of the "fact-check" on this story being designated as false!

Bottom line is that as far as I can see clearly this has never been about science and always has been about politics and medical tyranny and pharma profits.

And on the subject of "variants" please read Janine Roberts book "Fear of the Invisible" or "Contagion Myth" and understand that viruses are intracellular communication packets of data. It's long been known that when cells are exposed to stress (from toxins, electromagnetics, etc.) they release viral packets of data for intracellular communication. We literally couldn't communicate without this!

So don't get fooled by the myth that a new "variant" is gonna get you. Live a healthy lifestyle and take proactive steps to stay healthy and you always be glad you did. Fear mongering has sure never been a good path to a healthful and virtuous life and you don't need a medical degree to see the logic in that.

Now I'm going to drop a bunch of the videos and links I've run across in the last few weeks to help make this a good resource:

As referenced in "Fear of the Invisible" she mentions a BBC documentary short called "Guinea Pig Kids" about children in foster homes in New York that were guinea pigs for pharma companies during the AIDS drug research into such drugs as AZT. These horrible drugs were failed chemotherapy drugs that were never approved for Cancer (for very good reason) yet were approved in some of the common fraud that disguises as health "protection" called FDA:

Disgustingly this practice of experimenting on foster children is apparently still happening to this day in the US and likely many other countries.

So let me ask you one question...

Why would you ever put your trust in any pharmaceutical company that puts greed ahead of the health of these children?

And if they would do this "research" on children that have no one to protect them - what are they capable of doing under the guise of "safety" under a so called emergency where they hold complete indemnity from liability from not one but two acts of medical tyranny against the American public. (See the film "1986 The Act" by Andrew Wakefield and more references will be added here!)

To respect the great research of Janine Roberts (now deceased) you can hear her discuss some of her thoughts on vaccines - this is of course pre-covid since she passed years before the current time:

My neighbor shared a podcast with me that has a very interesting perspective. It's long but I think you'll find it worth the watch because of the three people two of them have been vaccinated (Moderna) and both are still highly critical of the technology despite the fact that the guy on the left literally INVENTED mRNA technology yet he is now highly critical of it. Steve on the right seriously regrets having got the jab and giving it to his three daughters fearing that they will never be able to have their own children because of this. He clearly regrets not having done more research before becoming a guinea pig with himself and his children:

To sum this up and get this posted now (maybe I'll update this later with further info because clearly I could write on this for days!) the concept of viruses as a cause for disease is one that most people take for granted.

Why is that?

Well we've been indoctrinated through all the so called science classes into believing that this was proven long ago when in fact if you go back to the work of Antoine Bechamp, who was a contemporary of Pasteur, even the concept of bacteria as a cause of disease actually gets called into question.

This is an area very much worth your time of research so you can make your own conclusion in what you want to believe. The question is whether germs jump in as scavengers after an imbalance in the bioterrain causes the disease or if in fact they are the cause.

When this gets called into question and the fact that viruses (literally none of them) have never been purified and isolated to prove that they are actually a causative agent for any disease (polio, measles, influenza, etc.) but in fact the "proof" that is reported is literally the existence of a virus after a number of toxic stresses are imposed on a tissue sample. Again I recommend the book "Fear of the Invisible" by Janine Roberts for a deep investigation of this topic.

References linked above:

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The “Unvaccinated” Question

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