Corona Virus Pandemic? Or Just PCR Test Pandemic?


Renowned scientists from all over the world are speaking out against the bad science that is being use to promote fear of Corona Virus but can you hear it through the censorship and noise of corporate media?

The subject of a "cold infection" vs a "hot infection" is an important one for those who still believe that viruses cause disease (there is a lot of real scientific controversy on this subject currently).

A cold infection is one where the virus may be present but has not penetrated into the cells and thus doesn't cause any headaches or other such symptoms. This type of viral signature would potentially be triggering a positive PCR test but would not constitute a so-called asymptomatic carrier or spreader of the virus.

What then is an "asymptomatic carrier"?

We'll get to that and it's also covered in this important recent video by Dr Reiner Fuellmich:

It is possible that the concept of an "asymptomatic carrier" was just a media created sensation to drive fear in the public.

From my research the only data on asymptomatic carriers that I have found relate to recently vaccinated individuals who are "mildly" symptomatic but are still considered asymptomatic in that they are only exhibiting a runny nose and thus exuding viral or other genetic material from their nasal discharge.

A "hot infection" on the other hand is one where the virus has penetrated into the cells and thus is being multiplied by the cells, thus producing more viral material enough to shed genetic material outside of the host.

From the point of view of bioterrain theory (or exosome theory) this same effect can be viewed as a signaling mechanism whereby the cells are actually reacting to toxic exposure and producing exosomes (seen as similar or identical to viruses). These exosomes are a means of communicating to other cells about the toxic exposure so other cells can thus be protected from the exposure or react accordingly.

So are we as a population simply reacting to new types of environmental toxins (which we are clearly being exposed to more and more with increased industrial pollution and population stress on our living space) and shedding more toxic load by producing exosomes for cleansing?

If this is the truth what will the long term effects be of generally (previously) healthy people wearing masks all the time and starving their respiratory systems of vital oxygen while incidentally breathing in more of the CO2 that we are supposed to be exhaling to support the plants who require CO2 to live?

Either way the numbers that are being shared in the media promoting fear are not to be trusted because they are purely based on PCR testing (Polymerase Chain Reaction) which does not distinguish between a "cold" infection and a "hot" infection and thus doesn't actually test to see if someone is actually infected. It merely tests for the presence of a viral signature that is SIMILAR to a Coronavirus (not even specific to Covid-19) and many other viruses are known to trigger a positive PCR test for Covid.

Simply put the PCR test is useless and should not be used any longer. It's not legally designed to be used as a diagnostic test and is therefore incredibly misleading. It has led to a point where factions of "testing police" even if they don't wear a badge at this point are going around trying to force a useless test upon people just to increase the count of so called "infections".

The crimes against humanity legal battle seems to be beginning and we would like to thank the brave work of Dr Reiner Fuellmich and others involved in such efforts in bringing the guilty hopefully to prison for what they've done.

Please share your feedback on Dr Reiner Fuellmich and the Crimes Against Humanity below.

Photo By Alejandra H. Covarrubias

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