Controversial Broadcast: Do you really need 5G wireless technology like they are saying?

With promises of 4-10 times faster downloads, it may be tempting to support the idea of 5G wireless technology but is this really about faster download speeds?

This seminar was broadcast from a local event and it reveals a rather full story of the evolution of wireless technology and health effects.

Controversial Wireless Technology & Cell Phone Radiation Educational Seminar Recording:

 When you break it down this is really more about connecting devices which are often referred to as IoT (Internet of Things) which often make up what is called a "Smart Home". These devices can all be controlled remotely but the big concern about this is that the usage data for all your devices is stored and sold to the highest bidder for targeted advertising and surveillance purposes.

This is about data and privacy...

Smart Meters were just the start of this but in order to channel all the data which is accumulated by all the smart appliances which are now becoming popular more bandwidth is needed. This is because 4G networks can really only support the phones and devices specifically used by humans. 5G is about connecting devices that are used by other appliances.

Because there is so much more data involved 5G involves using higher frequencies into the 30-100 GHz range. These frequencies don't transmit nearly as far as the more efficient 4G signals and are most efficient for "line of sight" use. This means that millions of new transmitters will need to be installed to put 5G into use and they will need to be closer and closer to where you live.

This poses significant additional health issues at a time when many individuals already affected by microwave sickness don't even have a clue that is the source of their malady.

Check out this PDF to learn about some things you can install in your home to protect you from wireless technology. It should open in a new tab so it doesn't interrupt the seminar video.

Please share your thoughts on this in the comments and share it far and wide - this is very important information to get out there.

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One comment on “Controversial Broadcast: Do you really need 5G wireless technology like they are saying?”

  1. Thousands of trees will be cut down to make way for 5G. Follow the money. Don't worry that they are destroying our beautiful Planet.

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