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Contamination Compromised Decades of Scientific Data


A disturbing new discovery is rocking the scientific community right now. It seems that cell samples used in 30,000 scientific studies might have been contaminated. This means the results could have been compromised.

The discovery is now casting doubt on the scientific results, rendering some approved treatments to be ineffective. Some of the contaminated cell samples were taken from Henrietta Lacks in 1951. The samples, which were taken without her permission, were used to show that human cells are immortal and can be grown in laboratories.

(Natural News) What if everything you thought you knew turned out to be wrong? Books and movies have posed this dramatic question in the past, but now it could become reality as new research casts doubt on the cell samples used for more than 30,000 scientific studies.

According to a report out of Radboud University in the Netherlands, 451 cell cultures that were used for thousands of scientific experiments are contaminated, and this could have resulted in ineffective treatments being approved. When you consider the fact that some of these contaminated cells date back six decades, it’s clear how extensive the damage could be. The nearly 33,000 papers that used the incorrect cell lines were cited in around half a million other papers. Making matters worse, these cells are still being used for research, which means that future decisions could be based on faulty data.

Image courtesy of: Citlali Nefekalum

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