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From time to time I'll take a break from constant reading about the future of health and dig into the financial markets. By no means am I an expert in this area but it is an area that I've focused quite a lot of effort of understanding both the big picture perspective as well as the day to day, month to month analytics.

The purpose of this post is to provide you with the perspective of a few of the analysts that I find to be reliable so you can see where the markets are inevitably heading. The reason I say that with so much confidence is that I see the perspectives of some of the most respected financial analysts as well as the big picture perspective of knowing where the corruption the great reset elites are pushing the financial markets.

Because I'm more of an expert on health topics I'm leaning on some recent videos that reflect actual expert opinions on financial markets as well as the bigger perspective including "the great reset" elites.

If you are not someone who normally follows markets you may not be familiar with Michael Burry but I suspect you may recall the film "The Big Short". Burry was the famous investor who was depicted in that film who invested in CDS (credit default swaps) starting in 2005 predicting the housing crash that was soon to follow. He profited $100 Million personally from those investments and $700M to his clients.

These weren't fluke predictions that he made as he is a very analytical investor rarely making short term predictions but has a track record of being early and correct with his predictions when he makes them.

Currently he's been making a number of predictions the first of which is explained quite well in this video:

As you can see Burry is predicting that we are in the beginning of a significant crash of which we have only seen the very beginning of at this point.

Additionally for anyone holding crypto as a speculative asset he's made some additional predictions some of which are summarized in this video:

There are a lot of details to Burry's predictions and one of them is about the "Bullwhip" effect which has to do with consumer spending.

This is an important effect to understand in this time when we've had massive money printing in the US and other countries in response to the covid pandemic and related lockdowns that have affected the economy. Because of all the "free money" that was circulating around and the boost to consumer spending habits coupled with the slowdown to follow we end up where we are now (arguable in this bullwhip pattern).

This video explains the "Bullwhip" effect quite well:

So where is all this leading to?

And where did it come from (aside from massive money printing leading to inflationary pressure turning into a "disinflation" cycle we may be in now) and what is the bigger picture of all of this?

As someone who likes to know the why behind the why you may have an idea where I'm going with this.

My premise here is that this is ultimately related to an intentional push to destroy our industrial civilization.

I know that's a pretty drastic assertion and you may be asking "why"?

Well it's not my goal in this post to explain why the psychopath elites that seem to run this world would desire to trigger a biblical population crash and cause a "Great Reset" to civilization (as was depicted on the recently blown up Georgia Guidestones) down to 500,000,000 people.

But the next few videos that I'm sharing below should put in perspective some questions that really can't be answered without the acceptance of the above reality.

First I'll point to the farmer uprising in The Netherlands and to ask the question if the real goals of the government was to avoid famine why would they put in place policies that only WILL serve to cause famine by forcing farmers to kill off their cattle in the name of "climate change"?

From time to time I'll take a break from constant reading about the futur...

Of course there's a lot more to that story and it goes much beyond Europe.

While I follow Mike Adams and appreciate his perspective I also realize that his predictions can be a bit early at time but I've confirmed some of the following video with a owner-operator truck driver who I always have extensive conversations with in my business. He's confirmed a lot of what you'll hear in this following video:

From time to time I'll take a break from constant reading about the futur...

Let's get back to the big picture perspective...

Why would this all be happening on the heels of an overthrow of the Sri Lankan government after a failed forced change to Organic Agriculture?

The Sri Lanka situation is quite related to all these other topics and relates to "Climate Change" policies that on the face may seem like positive changes until you realize that drastic changes such as these forced policies aren't rooted in reality and ultimately are doomed to failure such as in Sri Lanka where the uprising had to do with shortages, price increases and ultimately failed policy.

Geopolitics does give important perspective to our current situation and two of my go to sources for that are Attorney Robert Barnes and The Duran. This clip was from yesterday so it gives a fresh perspective on the repercussions of Biden's fiscal policy and where things are going as a result of it:

To round this out and get a better perspective on why such policies would be enacted it's important to see the big picture of the tyrannical backers of the "Great Reset" who are currently attempting to usher in what used to be called the "New World Order" and ultimately is a Totalitarian society of ultimate control heralded by what they call Agenda 2030. The "New World Order" seems to be shifting to the "Liberal World Order" but please don't be fooled by the idea that "liberal" has anything to do with "liberty" even if it once did. Hijacking definitions of words is, after all, is part of the playbook of the order in order to manipulate public opinion.

When I attended a local "Reawaken America" event here in my state I had the opportunity to meet Mel K who is a very kind person. She literally reached out and hugged me right away because she said I had such a warm vibe.From time to time I'll take a break from constant reading about the futur...From time to time I'll take a break from constant reading about the futur...

She is also probably the most informed about this topic so I edited a recent interview she did to help put this in perspective:

All of the above videos and plenty more can be accessed on our Bitchute channel here where you can subscribe to get notified when we upload new videos which happens all the time:

Considering my Mom is the one who first gave me Robert Kiyosaki's book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" it feels appropriate to finish this post with a recent episode he did where he puts our current financial markets in perspective. His perspective may be missed by many who simply "trust" someone else to manage their assets while these asset managers often follow the herd, obey rules etched in stone and miss important perspectives of history that can have the effect of ruining their financial future:

I hope this was a helpful post. If you found it to be beneficial please share it with your friends and subscribe below to keep up to date with us on the latest important information.

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One comment on “Concerned About Financial Markets?”

  1. Very interesting and about to get even more interesting as time passes.

    It is the amount of debt everywhere which is concerning and with inflation rising this duo are not friends. I think Michael is a see'er. My grandmother used to say never trust the banks, they are not your best friend. She always said the RBA, the banks and the Government were all in each other's pockets - how right she was.

    Thank you I look forward to reading your information.


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