Chlorine Dioxide A Healing Miracle?


You've probably heard about Chlorine Dioxide but if it was from any mainstream media source they likely demonized it calling it a "bleaching agent" that has no use in human or animal health. Of course this is far from the truth as most of our readers know when it comes to health topics mainstream media is typically lying about it to see you a bag of goods.

This is especially the case with Chlorine Dioxide which has been safely used in human and animal health for decades as well as for water sanitation and a huge array of industrial uses. It's especially safe for human consumption because it breaks down with no toxic by products (just sodium chlorite) and is effective for sanitation a extremely low concentrations, far lower concentrations than how it would be used industrially for "bleaching" where the lying media pigeonholes this powerful substance.

Also called MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution by Jim Humble who did a huge amount of research on it after having a remote run in with malaria and stumbling on the effective elimination of the malaria with sodium chlorite drops that are often used for sanitizing water. This solution completely eliminated the malaria!

Here's a clip of a recent interview on Stew Peters about Chlorine Dioxide:

And here's the full documentary called The Universal Antidote about Chlorine Dioxide:

Here's the PDF that goes with The Universal Antidote:

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