Best Dr Zach Bush Interview (You Probably Haven't Seen This One)

If you're like me you may appreciate the perspective that Dr Zach Bush MD has on the latest issues going on in the world right now. And maybe you've seen a few of them and were impressed but wondered what other insight he could add that might not have been covered on London Real or some of the other popular shows.

Well here's the best one I've found and it's pretty recent so you probably haven't seen this one yet.

This first one has a great perspective on the Corona situation:

And this next one from about a year ago delivers a full breakdown on Dr Zach Bush's perspective on regenerative agriculture and his project to bring massive changes to farming practices with his Farmer's Footprint non-profit organization. His goal is to help convert 500 million acres from GMO farming to no-till no-spray organic farming regenerative agriculture in order to solidify the future of our food supply and loosen the grip that GMO and pesticide farming has on large scale farmers.

Please share your thoughts on these two interviews in the comments below and if you've found these to be helpful or inspiring go ahead and share this post with your friends on social media.

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