Beam Rays Rife Machine Found & Restored

A Friend of mine found an original 1938 Beam Rays Rife Machine – the real deal – you can tell by comparing it with the old pictures! He was able to restore it and get it working. The big discovery was how it used a single, fixed radiowave frequency (such as how an AM radio station would broadcast) of 3.8 million Hertz which was pulsed by a lower audio frequency and the audio frequency could be adjusted to various frequencies.

Now this in itself was already understood by us – we knew it was using a radiowave and an audio pulse…

But we hadn’t DONE THE MATH!

Growing up doing technical things that expression can get over used – but this was where the truth came out.

You see my friend did the math and used a spectrum analyzer to look at all the frequencies that this 1938 machine was running and that’s where things got really interesting…

You see there’s this concept in broadcasting called “sidebands” and the old radio oscillators, when pulsed, were capable of running very powerful “sidebands”.

What the heck is a “sideband”?

and this sure is starting to sound complicated…

Wait – it’s not.

A sideband is just a cascade of trailing frequencies kinda like you see when you throw a rock into water.

The unique thing that my friend noticed is that the spacing between the waves was secretly hitting harmonic frequencies of the original frequencies that we see on Rife’s lab notes!

So Phillip Hoyland, Rife’s Electrical Engineer had created a rife machine which made the actual important frequencies secretly secret.

Secretly secret?

Yeah, the operator didn’t know that the sidebands had created the necessary frequency to kill the cancer – after all they could see what position they were adjusting the audio oscillator. They just didn’t know that it was the mathematical correlation between the radiowave carrier frequency and the audio frequency that made all the difference in getting it to work. Using the same audio frequencies with a different radiowave carrier simply would not work!

Suffice it to say that since my friend discovered this – things have moved ahead in a lot of ways for those experimenting with this technology who are using machines which have an actual vacuum tube driving them on the inside. This vacuum tube technology is key to driving a strong set of sidebands in order to replicate the type of broadcasting that the 1938 Rife Machines were making.

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  1. Is your friend a representative of any company? what did he do with the machines he found?
    Did he have the xxYYYY engineers reverse engineer them?


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