Assisted Suicide Law Enforced in DC

Terminally-ill patients are now given legal rights to die in Washington DC. The Death and Dignity Act of 2016, which was signed into a law last year is now being implemented in hospitals in the state. 

The law gives dying patients ages 18 years old and above the choice to receive life-ending medication to end their pain. Assisted suicide is a rather controversial topic since there are significant ethical problems tied with the issue. Some are wary of laws that support assisted suicide for moral reasons.

Physician-assisted suicide now legal in Washington D.C.

(Natural News) Last December, Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser officially signed into law the Death and Dignity Act of 2016, which essentially allows doctors and physicians to give terminally ill patients above the age of 18 life-ending medication. Now, roughly seven months later, that law is finally being implemented.

Of course, there are some regulations. In order for a person to legally commit suicide in Washington D.C., that individual must be working closely with licensed doctors and pharmacies that are morally okay with the idea of giving one of their patients life-ending medication.

In addition to this, patients are required to speak with their doctor and ask for permission to end their life two times, with fifteen days between each request. Before the second request, the patient must fill out an official city form confirming that they do in fact wish to commit suicide.

The program, which will be overseen by the Department of Health in Washington D.C., will also not allow a person to take his or her life in public for obvious reasons. To do so would not only be unnecessary, but also very disturbing for those who would be forced to witness it.

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