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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?


The Western diet is chock full of refined sugars and if you don't watch what you eat, you could be consuming more sugar than you thought. Even certain foods that don't taste sweet - such as spaghetti sauce, granola, and yogurt - could be teeming with refined sugar!

Unfortunately, excessive sugar consumption leads to chronic diseases including obesity and diabetes. This report outlines all the signs that you are unknowingly consuming more sugar than necessary.

Life can often be unfair, and one such instance is the fact that we all just love sugar, while it is detrimental to our health. The taste of sweet is simply irresistible, but as soon as you learn the effects of sugar, you should definitely try to stay away from it as often as possible.

The following signs indicate that you consume too much sugar, and it is high time to do something about

1.Cravings for Sugar/Carbs

You are probably a sugar addict if you often crave for something sweet. Sugar causes addictions, and its consumption leads to a chain reaction of sugar cravings.

2. Lack of energy and tiredness

If you are constantly feeling tired and you lack energy, you are probably consuming too much sugar. Foods high in sugar temporarily boost the energy, and afterwards, you are experiencing a crash, and you remain tired throughout the day.

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