Are We Now Experiencing Mass Psychosis?


As we continue through these crazy times the word hypnosis keeps coming up for me but is "psychosis" actually more appropriate? Whatever the answer it sure does seem like a lot of the population is under some sort of hypnotic trance. Personally this doesn't surprise me because for decades the media has been using hypnosis at least in subtle ways in order to "sell" and a prime example of this is of course the mass marketing of pharmaceutical products since television marketing of such products was made legal.

There is a great animated hand-drawing video about mass psychosis and the killing of the mind (menticide) which is gaining a lot of momentum for very good reason - it makes so much sense. (I've posted the video below as well as a shorter snippet from the full length ~20 minute video)

Totalitarianism sure seems to be looming on the horizon. The only way it isn't visible is to those that aren't looking.

I think this video does a great job of articulating the concept of "Menticide" which essentially means the killing of the mind. After seeing this I've definitely put Joost Meerloo's book "Rape of the Mind" on my reading list!

First here's the short version which will probably make you want to watch the full version below it:

And here's the full length video which is also a bit higher quality if you have the time just start with this one and skip the one above:

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One comment on “Are We Now Experiencing Mass Psychosis?”

  1. I do not accept the notion that we are imperfect because the concept of perfection is not a static thing here where nothing is static. God makes us from God's own Being into the Becoming that is formed in space and time that have only a connection to eternity and infinity which are God's own realm. Our perfection relies on our created state that we are the only one like a snowflake imperfect because it melts? Yet we know that despite the infinite number of snowflakes, they are each perfect in themselves. We only become imperfect when we do not use our human gifts from the Creator and those are intelligence and compassion.

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