Are Real Solutions For Covid-19 Being Censored?

Regardless of your political or ideological point of view, it is pretty clear that vital information is being censored right now in support of an agenda that is rather diabolical. Youtube is now openly admitting that they will remove any video which speak in opposition to the WHO guidelines on Covid-19. The World Health Organization (WHO), after all isn't even an American organization!

If there were effective solutions that did not involve a needle would you want a vaccine for Covid-19?

This is a question that you should be very familiar with right now because it shouldn't be a surprise that there is a current Covid-19 adult vaccine agenda headed by people like Dr Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates (no medical credentials) that have a significant financial interest in vaccines.

At the same time solutions like hydroxychloroquine and zinc sulfate are being called ineffective while doctors in the trenches report very impressive results on certain patients with these protocols. You'll see the details in the videos below.

Here are some of the latest video posts on this subject which you may want to watch right away before the censorship machine attempts to remove them.

After I posted this video below it was censored by both youtube and vimeo and that remove it from the original poster's (the filmmaker) site since they were using vimeo to host it. I've gone ahead and reposted it on my new bitchute channel so you can still see it because that's a platform that doesn't seem to be doing any censorship.

I also have it backed up on my own in house player in case that's needed so if this video doesn't play for you please notify me through this site and I'll make sure it is fixed. You can also see it directly on bitchute here:

Dr Judy Mikovits "Plandemic":

Del Bigtree at "The Highwire" is one of the best reporters on this subject in my opinion and here's his report from last week which sums up the big media agenda and censorship plus the latest updates from doctors in the thick of this Covid-19:

And by now if you've watched the videos above your mind should be wide open. If you haven't seen the recent roundtable discussions for The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV) with some of the top doctors who know what's really going on here's your chance. This included Del Bigtree, Dr Sherry Tenpenny, Dr Andrew Wakefield, Dr Judy Mikovits, Dr Rashid Buttar and Robert Kennedy Jr with the hosts Ty and Charlene Bollinger.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Please share your thoughts on this in the comments below and if you found this post useful share it with your friends wherever you can to break the censorship that is plaguing us right now.

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4 comments on “Are Real Solutions For Covid-19 Being Censored?”

  1. Keep up the good work! I just turned 70 I've never had a flu shot, no antibiotics in 20 years never have been on prescriptions, haven't worn gloves or a mask since this madness started. I drive truck part-time and have been in many states in the last 90 days, I eat Keto and feel great.

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