Are Computer Simulations Now Considered Scientific?


As an introduction to this interview which discusses both the legalities and legitimate health concerns about what we've all experienced in the last year and a half.

Does this fit into the sphere of organized crime?

Personally I really enjoy how articulate Dr David Martin is when he explains rather complex topics. He discusses anti-trust laws and the lack of the US dept of justice to stand up to the corporate tyranny that we are currently experiencing. 

He explains the history of the way Tony Fauci back in 1999 had an idea to come up with an infectious "replication defective" form of coronavirus. He paid researchers at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to invent a pathogen that did not exist from a computer simulation of the spike protein mRNA that was given to a research council. 

Unfortunately this computer simulated code, when delivered to the recipient does not produce an immune response but instead turns the body into a factor to produce the S1 spike protein similar to those found in a coronavirus.

The point here is that it's not an injection of a virus or viral fragment. It is an injection of a code to make your body produce a pathogen and then you're hoping that the pathogen your body is producing also elicits an immune response.

Significant here is the fact that this code was literally a simulation from a computer model and never existed in nature!

The current situation in Australia was also discussed and Dr Martin shared some good perspective on that as well as China geopolitics.

Anyway, I hope you find this interview to be as engaging as I did:

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