5G Wireless Technology Deception


5G Wireless Technology is not just a mild improvement to the phone technology you are already using - it's an idea that requires a complete update of infrastructure requiring billions of dollars to fund and profit big corporations at the expense of your health, freedom and security.

Here in this video you'll see Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the FCC and former lobbyist for CTIA, try to sell you on all the benefits of this technology. You'll also get information on the grassroots efforts to stop this and other invasive technology from being forced on us.

Why is 5G so different and problematic?

The proposed 5G technology runs in a much higher frequency spectrum than existing wireless communications signals. The 24-100 GHz frequencies will not go through walls well and is very directional meaning it's implementation will require many more times the number of transmitters we already have for 4G and 3G technology. More transmitters mean they will need to be installed even closer to where you live.

Tom Wheeler is also clearly trying to start the process of fast tracking this technology without any safety testing and when the ideas of human health being affected by 5G is being ignored and even suppressed by the major news media.

There's been a long history of hushing out news stories regarding human health and wireless technology so this isn't that surprising. However the fact that we already have thousands of studies indicating harm with existing wireless communication technology, seems to be an indication we'd want to study the biological effects of 5G before deciding to implement it.

Where's Nikola Tesla when we need him?

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One comment on “5G Wireless Technology Deception”

  1. check out the presentation on "Knowing the truth "5G war an humanity" by David Icke, mentioned that this system can also be used for mind and crowd control, crowd control by micro waves burning the skin and dispersing crowds this way, also by making people les or more violent.

    This news is also suppressed, the military have been experimenting with this for some time, now is the time to let the population know they really can be controlled with out their knowledge and will be used any time the government decides to use it

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