5G Wireless Coronavirus Connection Exposed


Stories about the Wuhan outbreak of Corona virus are now getting so crazy that it's rather difficult to see the real truth about what's been going on there.

Is there a connection between the reported outbreak of COVID-19 Coronavirus in Wuhan and the fact that Wuhan was a model city for demonstrating 5G wireless technology in China?

Is it just a coincidence that the crippling health effects known about 5G wireless technology were in effect in a full scale deployment in Wuhan starting October 31, 2019?

These are some of the questions we will attempt to address here in this expose:

5G Wireless Coronavirus Connection Exposed

There has been a whirlwind of speculation about the Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) being a bioweapon. While there is quite a bit of evidence that this coronavirus has features that point toward a man-made virus this doesn't mean that there's not also a connection between this "outbreak" and the 5G Wuhan test city.

In getting to the meat of this hypothesis it's important to start with what we know that 5G wireless can do to your immune system.

5G as well as plenty of other non-ionizing radiation sources affect the voltage gated ion channels in your cellular and mitochondrial membranes. What this means is that the non-ionizing radiation puts extra forces on the voltage gate that is designed to protect your cells and keep them in balance.

This additional force or pressure that's put on the voltage gate opens the "gate" and throws off the balance of the cell.

Keep in mind that the cellular mem-brane is actually considered by many biologists to be the "brain" of the cell. It's thought of this way because this "brain" is the regulator of the cell as it knows what ions to let in and when, as well as what to let out of the cell and when.

Putting more voltage pressure on this gate actually has catastrophic effects. These effects are in some cases irreversible. To dig deeper into this subject you can check out the Dr Martin Pall presentation which we hosted when he visited us. He's researched this subject for many years and published extensive journal articles on it which you can also find on PubMed if you are into that sort of research.

Now let's discuss what 5G really is...

5G deployment (a military term which is used in all discussion of 5G!) involves installation of thousands of small cell transmitter antennas along with specially designed LED streetlights in cities where full scale 5G network access is being sold. These transmitters and LED streetlight work in conjunction with each other to provide the network access utilizing an array of different frequency bands for different purposes.

Some of the frequencies used in 5G networks are sub-Gigahertz which corresponds with much of the 4G LTE networks while other much higher frequencies at 28 Gigahertz and higher are used for massive data compression short distance communication. Because these higher frequencies are limited to shorter distance transmission capability and are easily blocked by any physical object whether it's a tree or the wall on a building, many more small cells are needed in a city in order to deploy full scall, high bandwidth 5G.

More small cells means a denser background of non-ionizing radiation everywhere which is why you hear 5G being discussed as the "densification" of wireless technology. In order for it to work the background radiation in any city must be much higher than it's ever been with previous technologies.

As you can see higher intensity background radiation in a city means that 5G affects everyone whether you use it or not.

And for this reason it also affects your sensitive voltage gates on your cellular and mitochondrial membranes.

Other reports explain this as opening up your skin, and while this is part of the issue it's not JUST your skin that's affected.

We can think of our skin as the membrane that is protecting our internal structure but these forces will penetrate throughout your body as even if we think higher frequencies may have a stronger effect on the first few millimeters of our skin, the associate EMF will penetrate throughout your body and essentially ring your internal organs with the same frequency of the radiation.

Here's the bottom line, it's not a surprise to the scientists that study the effects of EMF that 5G deployment has already been shown to cause flu-like symptoms in the populations that's exposed to it.

After all the frequencies used in 5G networks are much the same as those used in the Active Denial System used for crowd control which I reported on a few years ago. Considering those systems made people feel like their "skin was on fire" forcing an immediate response to run away it's not to surprising the type of effects that it may have caused in Wuhan.

Harmful effects of RF-EMF exposure are already proven
Over 230 scientists from more than 40 countries have expressed their “serious concerns” regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices already before the additional 5G roll-out. They refer to the fact that ”numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines”. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plants and animals.

from Scientist and doctors warn of potential serious health effects of 5G (5G Appeal)

Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory

This is being reported as the only laboratory in China equipped to study dangerous pathogens. This is something that was done in the research laboratory at Plum Island off the coast of Long Island, New York historically. That location was chosen specifically because it was disconnected from the US by the Long Island sound. The idea behind that location was that it could avoid the accidental release of (possibly engineered) pathogens onto mainland US.

It's been reported that there were risks with this laboratory in Wuhan:

Scientists warned in 2017 that a SARS-like virus could escape a lab set up that year in Wuhan, China, to study some of the most dangerous pathogens in the world. 

Now, a SARS-like coronavirus has infected more than 800 there, spread to at least 10 other countries and killed 25 in Wuhan and nearby provinces. 

China installed the first of a planned five to seven biolabs designed for maximum safety in Wuhan in 2017, for the purpose of studying the most high-risk pathogens, including the Ebola and the SARS viruses. 

Tim Trevan, a Maryland biosafety consultant, told Nature that year, when the lab was on the cusp of opening, that he worried that China's culture could make the institute unsafe because 'structures where everyone feels free to speak up and openness of information are important. 

Event 201 "A Global Pandemic Exercise" and the Wuhan Military World Games

In October 2019 in both New York and Wuhan some very suspicious activity was going on...

wuhan military games 5GFrom October 18-27th 2019, Wuhan hosted the Military World Games and specifically used 5G (for the first time ever) for the event. Also on October 18th, 2019 in New York, the Johns Hopkins Center in partnership with World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201 – “A Global Pandemic Exercise” which is a simulation of a pandemic. Guess what virus they happen to choose for their ‘simulation’? A coronavirus! Guess what animal cells they use? Pig cells! (COVID-19 was initially reported to be derived from a seafood market, and the fish there are known to be fed on pig waste). Event 201 includes the UN (since the WEF now has a partnership agreement with UN), Big Pharma (Johnson and Johnson), Bill Gates (key figure in pushing vaccines, human microchipping and Agenda 2030) and both China and America’s CDC. Participants in Event 201 recommended that governments force social media companies to stop the spread of ‘fake news’ and that ultimately the only way to control the information would be for the WHO (World Health Organization, part of the UN) to be the sole central purveyor of information during a pandemic.

Connection to DNA Vaccines & Forced Vaccination Agenda

An interesting sidenote to this story relating to vaccines and vaccination profiteering is the InOvio corporation. This was astutely pointed out by Annie Logical this her expose on this subject. The crux of the story is this...

Dr David Weiner and Dr Joseph Kim are the principles of InOvio and have been pioneering a new type of DNA infused vaccine which involves the use of electroporation from an electrical pulse to infuse DNA by opening pores in cellular membranes using the voltage gate described above.

This pair has previously been involved in engineering vaccines for Ebola and Zika virus but Dr Weiner's pioneering DNA transfer method using electroporation is a method of actually infusing foreign DNA into the subject being injected with the vaccine.

Dr Kim was funded by Merck for his education, he produced something called PCV2 which is Porcine Circovirus, they were working on a veterinary drug that would help pigs escape a wasting disease.

So this was evaluated by the Dept of Homeland Security and Plum Island animal research, this DNA plasma for pigs had approval in 2005, in 2009, the swine flu vaccines were filing for a patent.

In 2009 Dr Kim’s company was filing with FDA to start trials on humans for the swine flu.
Dr Kim has many Merck Insiders on his board.
They created PCV1 and 2, which is Pig DNA.

Later on PVC1 and PCV2 were discovered in vaccines such as Gardasil, Rotatec and Rotarix.

A couple of years after they were given the patent for this pig DNA vaccine using PCV2 that same ingredient was found to be in Merck’s Rotarix vaccine for diarrhoea and GSK vaccine Rotateq for diarrhoea.
Now how does pig virus magically turn up in a vaccine for diarrhoea?It doesn’t! It gets put there. And what is unbelievable is that even though both vaccines were suspended and it transpired that all the vaccines for 2 years had been contaminated , the FDA suspended them for a few months then let them carry on.(The Information about the two drugs being suspended was found on the Medworm website and the article was written by Dr Kim)....

Prof Weiner is not only the worlds DNA technology expert but he is also a special employee and adviser to the FDA.

This shows the depths to the corruption of this industry when an advisory to the supposed regulatory body is also a producer of vaccines that he advises on!

He has perfected a new method of giving these DNA vaccines via Electroporation which is a electro magnetic pulse that opens up the cells, injects foreign DNA and then it closes.

The system has been stated by Molecular Biologists to be unsafe as it could lead to death or cancer.
They stated that only human antibody in genes is safe.

This is the same action that 5G technology uses in pulsed waves and the corona virus was reported to have started in an area in China that had rolled out 5G technology!

So we can see how geneticists using scientists are tampering with the building blocks of our existence and what is disturbing is that Prof Wiener is a HIV pioneer and we know that soon after the Polio vaccines were given to millions in Africa that HIV emerged.

They have perfected the art of injecting animal or bird DNA into human chromosomes which alters our DNA and causes things like haemorrhaging, fever, cancers and even death.

If you dig into this sort of information you've probably already heard about the Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation connection to the Pirbright Institute who owns a patent on a Coronavirus which is stated can be used for a vaccine for treating and/or preventing a disease such as infectious bronchitis.

So what's the agenda here? This pretty much sums it up:

Here’s how this con job goes and although it repeats itself under different names, year after year (Corona, HIV, AIDS, SARS, Ebola, Zika, Mad cow etc etc) most of the uninformed public react as programmed, simply because fear is PROVEN to trigger a narrowing of the mind, a lowering of IQ, a stimulation of the child ego (that looks for an adult to save it) and a reflexive obedience toward perceived authority.
The con job goes like this.
Step 1) poison the population purposely to create disease that does not and would never occur naturally
Step 2) parlay the purposely created disease as being caused by something invisible, outside the realm of control or knowledge of the average person
Step 3) create a toxic vaccine or medication that was always intended to further poison the population into an early grave
Step 4) parlay the vaccine or medication poisoning as PROOF the disease, which never existed, is much worse than anticipated
Step 5) increase the initial poisoning, which is marketed as a fake disease, and also increase the vaccine and medication poisoning, to start piling the bodies into the stratosphere
Step 6) repeat as many times as possible upon an uninformed population because killing a population this way (the art of having people line up to kill themselves with poison……known as a “soft kill” method) is the only legal way to make sure such eugenic operations can be executed on mass and in plain sight.

Please share your thoughts on this subject below in the comments and much thanks to the various linked sources for this important information. This report will be updated as more information becomes available.

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Image courtesy of: Radio Alfa
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51 comments on “5G Wireless Coronavirus Connection Exposed”

  1. Seems like the perfect plan to accomplished population reduction, required especially in this age when even in the USA there are forces out to prevent women from even accessing birth control, never mind the right to choose. People will feel compelled to purchase the latest device and will too late, if at all, realize the toxic effects of their wonderful device.

    1. Danny - This is not about Trump's position on "birth control" as you call it.. He is not limiting people from getting it. He is saying that I should not have to pay for your (generally speaking) birth control. You want pills, an IUD or shot? Great. Get it. But you should be financially responsible for it. That is the only message our current administration is sending. On the other hand, abortion is murder, plain and simple. How can you defend "right to choose" while speaking of population control?? Do you realize the lunacy of what you are saying? Both are murder. Both stop a heartbeat. Aye aye!


      Health Harmonic - I believe this article is spot-on. Great research and information. It is a shame that Google filters it out. I found it through DuckDuckGo. This is definitely part of a much larger plan. Population control may be a part of it, but it is about controlling the masses, having a one-world system and being able to track everybody across the globe. World leaders have been discussing it as well as moving to a digital dollar. Bill Gates is behind ID2020, which is a forced vaccine with a digital tracker. How would that digital tracker work best??? Global implementation of 5G.

      1. You're exactly right. I heard about the effects of 5G on our cells years ago. The 5G works on a frequency that causes your cells to open, then foreign things (such as viruses or nanotechnology) can get in. I have researched this and found several credible sources that agree. I'm sorry some fools on here are so disrespectful to you. They're ignorant, and ignorance can be educated, so keep up the great journalism. Thank you!

    2. You disagreed with your own comment. First you agree it sounds like a population reduction plan which is bad, then you weave in a connection to pro life groups subverting abortions...which you say is bad, while forgetting this makes more people not less. Then you go back to New 5g devices are bad because they are toxic and lower population? Maybe 5g destroys logic first. Lol

    3. THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE....................HMMMMMMMMMMMM



  2. Thank you for being so thorough! It is hard to prove and just find information as the above effects are happening to us all. I gave up on trying to explain my experiences/thoughts re: ElectroMagnetic Frequencies. Most people don’t want to know the truth. The program works and they are content without thought and stare into the screens. Regurgitating the rhetoric that is openly force-fed-en-mass.
    Thanks for explanations, references and tying it together with the painting.
    Clear messages and plans laid out everywhere. They don’t even try to hide the truth. I’m exhausted of trying to wake the others.
    TERRIFYING Impact landing at the painting - Flashback from childhood when on a field-trip to see the new airport - Do you know? Is the original still there?

  3. I went to the Patent page and it as a disclaimer in yellow it states this DISCLAIMER: Coronavirus is a broad name for a family of viruses. This patent is NOT for the new COVID-19 virus and The Pirbright Institute does not currently work with human coronaviruses. If you share this patent online, be aware you are in fact sharing a separate patent for avian infectious bronchitis virus and porcine delta-coronavirus. This is not a patent for the new COVID-19 virus.

    So are you sure it is the same!!

  4. 5g towers have existed in the US throughout the majority of 2019. By your logic, the first case of corona in the US should've been in early 2019. The first case of Corona in the US is in early 2020. Find a scientist (A REAL SCIENTIST) who has outright said that 5G causes coronavirus with statistics to support that claim, THEN come back to me.

  5. You need to get some therapy for these strange delusions you have.. None of your wilder claims have been substantiated by any reputable science. It’s silly claims and beliefs like this that resulted in women being murdered for practising witchcraft before we learnt better.. Bet you don’t publish these comments

  6. Even though I am a full-blown schizophrenic, I find myself unable to entertain such a plethora of delusions. Your capacity for magical thinking is bemusing.
    For a change of pace, you should try learning BEFORE you attempt to educate.

    1. Yeah a schizophrenic troll but you lose because I removed your link! I'm not afraid of posting stupidity like your comment though and that might surprise some people but it just shows how idiotic some commenters actually are in the face of controversial research.

  7. How do we get those towers taken down! For ever? And how can the population help themselves from being exposed more?

  8. Let us say that some of the scientists that are researching ice age cycles are right. If there will be a sudden event from Nature in the coming years, such as a Mini Ice Age (Valentina Zharkova) or a larger event such as what I write about, that is the eruption of a Black Hole, such as the Orion Nebula or even bigger faraway black holes (God's Generator book) then certainly that can cause world wide panic. The Mayan 52 year old calendar is commencing on October 23rd, 2026. Not too far away. They are looking at the Pleiades in the sky to see if it moved, such as in an axis shift. Some of You might not care about the Mayans, but You can read it in the Bible or the Torah where in the Book of Job (Ch. 9, verses 4 - 9) it is implied that 'God can remove mountains from their places, etc., ...and who created the Orion, Pleiades and the Bear?' Conspiracy theories? One thing is for sure, about 11,600 years ago the Atlantis sank, ~ 5,800 years ago something happened (Hebrew Calendar 5,780 years this year) and likely something big will happen again in the coming decade. Nobody knows! A pandemic would keep us safe inside our homes.

  9. This is where a little knowledge becomes a dangerous and stupid thing. I am a medical biology researcher and the term ‘voltage Gates’ are never used in our terminology. There are so many unsubstantiated facts here that I cannot even count! e.g. LED lights do not emit microwave radiation.

    I’d suggest that the author turn his attention to writing science fiction, I’m sure he will be a success.

  10. Very informative. I do have one suggestion: That you develop more on the link to 5th Generation telecommunications, in future articles. I am not usually the type of person to pretentiously suggest something like this of someone's work, but I think we can both agree that it's very important that anyone who comes across your articles is receiving as much information as possible.

    In your conclusion, you lay out the "steps," very clearly. It should be noted, however, that there is now evidence to suggest that the "5G" tech is, in fact, what is poisoning the population, altogether. Unfortunately, I can't present you with an article that specifically states this, as I came to this conclusion myself, haughty as it sounds.


    In the provided video, the gentlemen giving the presentation explains the process that "confirmed" the existence of COVID-19, and how people are being tested for it. The video is lengthy, but he speaks slowly, so you can safely play it at 1.5x speed to reduce the time and still get the info.

    In short, he basically explains as to why the entire confirmation and testing protocol is almost completely erroneous. Naturally, it stands to reason that, based on said information, it's very possible the entire thing is a complete sham and, frankly, it makes perfect sense.

    Step 1: Tell people there's a superbug going around, and engage in a campaign of censorship that dwarfs any such effort that came before it, in all of human history.

    Step 2: Poison them, but not with something tangible. Something that the presence of can, literally, not be confirmed or denied (EMF); though, the symptoms most certainly can (reference the video).

    Step 3: Make addenda to the symptoms, transmission capability, and infection forecasts and models that will generate the most fear.

    Step 4: Offer a vaccine which may or may not be toxic, but will most certainly offer up an opportunity for victims (which many will gladly accept) to have their bodies registered in a database; for their own safety, of course. ( Ref: https://newspunch.com/bill-gates-coronavirus-means-need-digital-certificates-prove-who-received-vaccine/ )

    At the end of the day, I feel like it's a difficult task to really map out just exactly WHAT is going on in the world, at this time, but it most certainly is not benevolent in nature. There could be a number of things being accomplished, right now, not limited to population reduction.

    For example, as I'm sure you know, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest we are witnessing the birth (soon to be infancy) of a global surveillance state. There is also a great deal of evidence to suggest there are a number of secondary and tertiary objectives being worked towards. One of which is quelling the growing rebellion against the CCP, naturally. The other, without question, being a distraction from the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, the magnitude of which could potentially fell nations, if blown open.

    Anyway, I'm done subjecting you to my rampant thought patterns. I would be flattered if you would see fit to read them and give me your thoughts, though.

  11. Thanks for the article. I will share with friends and family, although unfortunately I think most people won't believe it, but that's what the powers that be want, that the truth seems like a far fetched fantasy movie at best good against evil.
    No our government would never do such a thing!
    Bill and Melinda are so kind and charitable. Of course these diseases come from dirty meat markets. FDA is concerned for our safety. Vaccines have save many lives..and on and on the B.S. keeps getting thicker and people like you get bad rap, totally ignored, or even killed.
    Anyway it makes sense thanks for collecting all the info.
    Well written.

  12. While I do believe Agenda 21/30 calls for population reduction and herding into city centers, I don't believe it is well planned. I think it's just a lunatic's hope and they keep taking stabs in the dark. If they genuinely wanted to reduce population, they'd shut down sperm banks. Preaching infanticide and consequence-free sex to young people while charging big bucks for each abortion isn't a strategy. It's just one of many random results of drinking a cocktail of sins from the fruit of a demonic tree. Greed, pride, knowledge without wisdom, hate, lies, murders, covetousness, adulteries and witchcraft. Sin has many symptoms but the cure is always the same: repentance. Utopia did not follow Noah's flood even though it was the ultimate reset. Our world is exactly the way it was in Noah's day. They played with DNA to create supermen "alien" offspring (Genesis 6:4) These people are deceived by actual demons.

  13. True/False? CCP BigTech WHO leftists globalists knew 5G deployment needed plausible deniability legal protection from product liability for weakening immunity-causing flu-like symptoms in electro hypersensitive people?Is covid-19 5G designer insurance & dem campaign contribution?

  14. "fear is PROVEN to trigger a narrowing of the mind, a lowering of IQ, a stimulation of the child ego (that looks for an adult to save it)"

    This article seems to prove this theory at least!

  15. You're all idiots, the frequency of 5g is not enough to cause any harm and neither is the voltage, your microwave creates more radiation than any cellphone tower ever will. I don't see you complaining about radio waves and your 5GHz internet bands causing any viruses, and we've had those for over a decade. Get a grip.

    1. You're welcome to your opinion but no one here said that microwaves were causing or creating viruses and some of us simply choose to avoid microwaves in general (including the ovens) for safety. You are welcome to fry yourself as much as you like and I won't be offended.

  16. You accept a lie that has been repeated so often, everyone believes it's true, just as Hitler said you would. You should check out "Demographic Winter," which warns of the below-replacement birth rate of every nation on earth, which began before the 90's. World population (at that rate) is predicted to peak in the year 2075, or before--now--in view of these pandemic projects, and then go into a free fall, from which it can never recover, de-populating the earth. Humans are the most endangered species on the planet---doomed to extinction, and all because somebody in the 60's got the bright idea that there were too many people. In reality, you could gather together every single person on the planet, seven billion people, and stand them side-by-side, allowing two square feet for each person, and they would all fit neatly together in the city of Orlando, Florida. There is plenty of room, and food, for everyone on this earth, till Christ comes again.

  17. So you are saying these people (Bill Gates Foundation, et al, are trying to poison the entire human race? For what possible purpose? Plus COVID-19 came from bats, not pigs.

  18. I totally agree with the article and have bee researching the whole subject for a few weeks at least,

    My gut feeling from the word go, that it was a set up for the public to swallow and blame China..
    But after seeing a video of people just dropping dead in China, I knew it could not be what we were being told in the West, it did not make sense but when I read not long ago that China had put 1 thousand 5G around Wuhan, only two weeks earlier, before the deaths and dying, I was horrified. And it made total sense to me, it was the 5G Masts, that the West are also rolling out, so they had to blame something, so the Coronavirus was born, and then the blame went global as all countries seemed to go down with it, but in fact it was the seasonal flu that takes thousands of lives every year. but suddenly, flu is not mentioned, Look up previous History deaths of flu, its always big numbers. It is also a great depopulation tool.

  19. Thank you for this informative article. Your link of corona and 5G confirms what I believe. But can you tell us more about the terms pulsation, pulse waves? Thank you.

  20. As long as you don't buy a 5G phone and stick with 4G, as well as avoiding hanging around people actively using 5G devices in your presence, your exposure to 5G frequencies is minimized as much as pragmatically possible. The 5G signal is nowhere stonger than at the point of transmission, so if you are only receiving transmissions from towers which are much farther away, due to the inverse square law, for every doubling of distance from a source of radiation, the amount of radiation comparatively does to 1`/4 of the previous level.. So, if you were 128 feet away from a tower, (doubling the distance of 1 foot 7 times is 128feet) the signal level received is (((((((1/4)/4)/4)/4)/4)/4/4) or approximately 1/64000th as much as if you were one foot away from the transmitter like how people talk on their cell phones on speaker phone. So if you put the phone right against your head then it is 4x stronger again than it was 1 foot away. So you can see, the real danger is not the transmitters in street lights, its the phones people hold in their hands. Even worse if a phone is indoors or farther from a tower because it maxes out its signal amplifier and number of signal attempts to try to find a tower when the signal is week or absent from the tower. The insidious truth is that,taking out towers is meaningless if 5G is causing all these accused outcomes, because It's the phones that everyone will have in their hot little hands that are really exposing people like Betty Crocker bake ovens, much moreso than towers ever could. We know this from the cancer marks on women's breasts where they stupidly stored the phone in their shirt between their breasts. The cancerr outlines match perfectly to the shape of their cellphone! No joke! The only way to stop 5G is to make sure nobody buys those phones... and good luck with that.

  21. Let me east some logical doubt now on any theories that 5G alone would cause a virus-like illness being passed off as a virus to distract from 5G being the one only culprit. That theory is completely invalidated by people recovering from the disease and not coming down with it a second time. There is no evidence of people experiencing a complete recovery from COVID only to later catch it again. That means the source of the disease is a pathogen, not 5G because you can't gain immunity to effects of radio frequencies, but you can gain immunity to a viral agent... And on that basis, I find much of all of what's being said here is trying to piece together a theory with incompatible bits of information that would look like a sinister plan but would not bear out any truth that there is a connection between the different pieces of information other than the fact they operate upon similar environments. Electroporation requires a very high energy level to make a cell open up and accept new DNA. Furthermore, the DNA has to be there for it to accept and that requires a carrier of some kind to bring the DNA to the cell membrane for it to be admitted. Outside of a laboratory setting, that would require a virus to carry out that task. COVID-19 is definitely tied to a real virus. It's genome is known. So let's put aside any foolish theories that 5G alone is making people ill with COVID as some on here are suggesting. There is no proof of such., but there is proof that a viral agent (and like I said it has been identified) is at fault. Let's stick with what's provable and what's disprovable as a basis of truth finding instead of spreading disinformation and creating false anxiety in others. I'm not saying to be clear that 5G would not play a role in making it easier for viral agents to do their bidding, because its very hard to prove that they don't.. It is easier to prove that they haven't thus far as one would think that people taking PREP would find it useless in 5G zones resulting in unexplainable infections with HIV their prescriptions should have averted by locking up the cell receptors. Also, the number of 5G phones in the Hands of consumers is far lower than the number of consumes infected by COVID-19. So unless some better information comes along, I'm going to say that 5G has no provable connection to COVID 19 although it could be making people ill in other ways such as cancer, that much is pretty likely.

  22. With every new virus there has been an increase in radio waves frequency. Wuhan I do believe was the first to implement the 5G. Then the ships where the passengers got sick were also first to be installed with 5G technology. What is really sad, is that graphene oxide is said to be in the "you know what". 5G will be able to control the ones that got the "you know what". Similar to a borg mind.

  23. Back to basics: the right to choose is counterbalanced by the right of doctors and nurses to choose so for a pluralist, liberal state this requires at least a two tiered delivery system ...midwives should not lose their jobs. An enforced one way system is the road to facism. A female who has engaged in multiple abortions with (in)visible males are potentially stressing the depleted medical services. Causes: Could be related to ignorance, exploitation or abuse. Abortions obfuscate this. Then there is the explotative disposal of the remains eg pre- born baby trafficking or cultic style abuse never mind genetic and biochemical exploitation. Meanwhile 6G etc or Covid superspike 2024(super-Pi) ??PS omichron has no obvious spikes but it still spikes. To all the previous texters as my granny said: say your prayers and to all of you may your God go With you.

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